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HBO Boxing: Cotto Vs Martinez Live Coverage

Cotto Vs Martinez live

Via ESPN.com

Cotto Vs Martinez live
Via ESPN.com

Follow along our Cotto Vs Martinez live coverage.

All that’s left to do is fight.

Miguel Cotto Vs Sergio Martinez


Freddie Roach called it in four and yet in round one, Cotto already put him down. Martinez reacted weird to a left hook and I couldn’t tell if it was because of his knees. Cotto put him down again a second time and then again a third time. There’s no three knockdown rule in this fight. Martinez may survive this round, but he has zero. What is that, a 10-6 for Cotto?


Martinez went down on a slip, but he doesn’t look comfortable at all in there. Cotto’s not even charging in hard, he’s showing quick feet and quick hands bouncing in and out. Martinez can only get off a punch at a time before he’s playing defense. Cotto wins that one too. Martinez is already down five rounds and we’re only heading into round three.


Cotto is left hook heavy. Martinez is able to duck under it and tie him up, but that’s really his best defense. Martinez did land a couple shots and he looks to have some bounce back. Cotto landed another big left hook to the head. Martinez is starting to dance around with his hands down. Cotto’s a bit predictable at this point which is allowing Martinez to get his step back. That was a much closer round and Martinez could’ve stolen it.


Cotto was back to bouncing and making things tough for Martinez. He was changing levels and at one point even threw Martinez back in front of him when Martinez tried to tie him up. Martinez tried to make it look like he’s okay and the one doing work, but it’s in fact the opposite.


Martinez is throwing that jab out there but not landing as he’s not willing to hang in there so it looks like he’s reaching. His left-hand is negligent so far. Cotto defensively is fighting well as too, continuing to bounce in and out. So far he’s way up on Martinez.


Martinez has to know that he needs to pick it up if he wants to keep his belt and possibly get one more big fight. I thought he did very well in that round, but he’s still not throwing or landing enough punches make a convincing argument that he should be winning these rounds.


I had Martinez winning the early part of the round, but at some point, Cotto hit him with a short right and Martinez wobbled backwards. It looks like maybe his knee buckled, but you couldn’t tell if it was from the shot or the knee itself. After that, Martinez started being the aggressor, but Cotto did well as the counter puncher.


Martinez doesn’t look sturdy. His gait doesn’t look right. His steps look choppier and he continues to slip. Before the round started, someone complained that the mat was wet and slippery, so that could be it, but he doesn’t look like he has confidence in his legs. Cotto popped him with straight right hands and an overhand left. He didn’t do anything special, but continued to be solid.


Cotto’s really hurting him now. Martinez is taking shots putting him off-balanced and he’s falling over awkwardly. Cotto is landing hooks and uppercuts and counter straight rights. It seems like Cotto could put him away, but he’s playing it safe. Cotto hit him with a left while Martinez leaned in and Martinez’s knee looked to touch the canvas. The referee counted it as a knockdown, but the knee didn’t actually touch on replay.

Before the 10th round started, Martinez’s team didn’t allow Sergio to go back out there.

Winner: Miguel Cotto by way of 10th round TKO

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