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The Cypher – Thoughts On The Seth Rollins Heel Turn

Seth Rollins heel turn

Photo via WWE.com

Seth Rollins heel turn
Photo via WWE.com

We haven’t done one of these in a while. I sent out an email to our Fight Game Blog email group with this simple question.

What was your reaction to Seth Rollins turning on the Shield?

And here was our discussion.

Alan: I am watching it right now. Jaw is on the ground and I’m thoroughly depressed. SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS

Don: I was spoiled before watching, so it was fun to see the angle play out, knowing what was going to happen.

Great beat down, and I loved how they ripped off Reign’s vest. There’s always a Plan B.

Big D: It makes no sense unless at 9 in the morning that day, HunTor approached Seth’s rent-a-car with hookers, cocaine, and case filled with 50,000 dollars.

Don: This is a great way for Rollins to step into the spotlight after being overshadowed. And of course it makes sense as he was the third rung of the shadow. Not the Leader or the Future, but just the other guy. I loved it.

GG: Seems like a lot of people loved it. I just thought it was too soon. I think they should’ve stretched the Shield for more since there are few main-eventers in WWE. But maybe this does give them more life? I do agree that with regular tags, we’ll get to see some excellent match-ups.

Alan: I don’t like anything about this. YET. I’m willing to come around to it if it moves forward in a good direction. I have absolutely no earthly idea what the good direction would be.

Duan: This is probably something that was always on the cards. This is what they were teasing back before Mania when the original break-up looked a go. Rollins was getting frustrated with both Ambrose and Reigns and walked out on them a couple of times.

GG: Danny mentioned that as part of the reasoning and if Seth explains it, great. But I have a feeling that when push came to shove, they probably forgot about it and it didn’t have anything to do with the turn.

Alan: I really don’t think this at all. The walkout storyline was pretty much sealed when they had their awesome slapping/bonding segment on Smackdown about 3 weeks before Mania. They may work that back in as an explanation for this but I firmly believe that wasn’t done with this in mind. They wanted to break them up before Mania but then they got that huge reaction when they were fighting the Real Americans on an episode of Raw and they RIGHTLY decided to let them run as faces. But they obviously got itchy feet and ended it too soon.

GG: Alan, would you have been less frustrated had it been A) a different Shield member or B) if we’d been given any clues as to Seth turning instead of the shocking style of turn that comes out of nowhere or C) did you think any split wasn’t good?

Alan: A. It would have been more tolerable if it was Ambrose; for long-term reasons rather than short term. He’s more suited to being a heel in the long run than Seth, character and in-ring wise. Plus I think Seth and Roman have that natural bond that is believable from their days as tag champs. Short term I don’t like any of them turning because they had real face momentum.

B. The shock element didn’t bother me. But if it turns out that they haven’t developed a good reasoning for his motivation, and it was just shock for the sake of shock, then that’s bad and lazy.

C. I think they’ve thrown away one of their best assets in terms of gaining teenage fans which is the demographic they’re most lacking. The Shield as a team and Seth in particular really could have been for this generation what The Hardys were in 2000. Cool, hip babyfaces.

Duan: Here’s something else about this turn: My feeling is that it could only have been done with Rollins or Reigns. Ambrose wouldn’t have made sense. Evolution, in story, is all about producing the presentable face of the company, corporate favourite-type talent. Ambrose isn’t that guy. He doesn’t look like that guy. He doesn’t act like that guy. He doesn’t sound like that guy. Why would Hunter pick somebody who is so far off the WWE mold? It wouldn’t make any sense.

As to why they decided to go with Rollins instead of Reigns: I imagine they felt Reigns is going to be fine regardless and has the most potential as a babyface money draw. Rollins, they probably felt needed something or else he would get lost in the shuffle when the group split. Handled wrong on his own, he could have ended up as Tyson Kidd within 6 months. Whether it’s the best move from a business sense will remain to be seen, but for Rollins’ own career, it’s probably the best thing that could have possibly happened.

Alan: Duan, in storyline HHH didn’t pick Rollins. Rollins was the person behind the turn. He still hasn’t told HHH why he’s with him. HHH in desperation just went with it because he needed something; anything.