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WWE Legends’ House Recap: Season 1 Episode 3

Legends' House recap
Via WWE.com

It’s episode three and time for the WWE Legends’ House recap.

Hey, it’s time for a bowling challenge! A local bowling league challenged the legends to a bowling match. The Fink looks like he’s hiding a couple of bowling balls underneath his shirt.

They’re facing a team called the Bowling Queens made up of golden girls.

(The worst part of this show is when they cut away to old footage of the guys in the ring to remind us that they weren’t always old.)

The legends lost and Piper said that bowling was phony. That was a great line.

Their next assignment is to shoot a commercial. Mean Gene and Roddy Piper are the captains. Poor Tony Atlas was picked last. Jimmy Hart said Piper’s team would lose because they had Atlas and Fink. Atlas got his feelings hurt a bit.

Gene’s group is doing a commercial for a car wash and Roddy’s group is doing a commercial for a flamingo rental company. Gene’s team is all about the sexual innuendo. Pat Patterson got angry at Jimmy Hart while shooting a scene during a car wash because he got wet. Turned out not to be Jimmy’s fault, but Pat wasn’t having it. These guys are super whiny.

As they were editing the commercials together, Piper’s team was figuring out the music. Piper liked the dramatic music, but Tony liked the more comedic sounds. Piper told Tony that he didn’t need to make the editor’s job harder. Atlas walked off and told Piper off. Piper said he better not say it again because he’s Roddy Piper. Piper tried to get him back, but Atlas said he was done.

Piper looks embarrassed by it all. The judges were local commercial mavens. The mavens said that using Pat Patterson’s expletive laced diatribe was positive. But they also said that Piper’s commercial was more memorable in the bad is good kind of way.

Gene told the mavens they would never work in this town again and called it BS. Both teams got to go to Vegas but Piper’s team was put in a limo. Gene’s team was put in a van. Before the episode ended, Piper’s team’s limo was pulled over.

Until next time…

Overall thoughts: This show really sucks. You get to see all your wrestling heroes as whiny and sensitive or angry and emotional. But Mean Gene is just the best. If you watch this show, it has to be for Mean Gene.

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