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The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 12 Recap

Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 12 Recap

Follow along our The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 12 recap.

Welp, Chael Sonnen vs. Wanderlei Silva isn’t going to happen any longer. Takes a lot of wind out of these sails.

They aren’t wasting anytime and we’re getting right into the first of two semi-final fights tonight.

By the way, I’m expecting two long fights as this show is the longest one time-wise of the season.

Ricardo “Demente” Abreu Vs Marcio “Lyoto” Junior

Lyoto came out blasting Demente with kicks and put him quickly on the defensive. Demente looked a bit stunned and tried to turn it around offensively but was getting hit. He tried going to his back, but Lyoto didn’t get suckered. Demente finally got Lyoto up against the cage, but didn’t do anything. Lyoto wins the first round.

In the first half of the round, Lyoto was comfortable with the distance using a push kick and leg kicks to keep Demente away. But then he took a low blow and it took steam out of him. Demente was able to rag doll him a bit, but never really connected with that one big shot. There were times where Lyoto looked tired, but his distance was nearly perfect and Demente was just short on some haymakers.

Lyoto did a great job staying away from the takedown and Demente could never get them down. Both guys were tired. I think Lyoto wins this one.

Winner: Marcio “Lyoto” Junior by split decision

Warlley says he’s going to train very hard for the fight. Chael says he won’t be watching.

Some of the guys got tattoos of the TUF logo.

Big Nog and Lil’ Nog visited Wanderlei’s team.

Richardson “Rick Monstro” Moreira Vs Vitor “Lex Luthor” Miranda

It was an interesting first round. Rick Monstro would have spurts where he’d put Vitor on the defensive, but then he’d gas out and Vitor would gain the upper hand. This happened a couple times. Late, Monstro fell backward to protect himself, which allowed Vitor to get in some pound and ground and take the round.

Vitor quickly finished him with punches on the ground in the second round.

Winner: Vitor “Lex Luthor” Miranda by way of 2nd round TKO

Monstro was so classy in defeat. He said he’s not unhappy so no one should be and thanked his friend Vitor.

The coaches made speeches afterward. It was a weird fit at the start, but I think they worked.

All four finalists got a trip to Vegas and they were shown in Vegas. They also got dinner with Dana.

Overall, this was a really good season, though, it’s unfortunate that we won’t see the payoff. Thanks Wanderlei.

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