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Showtime Boxing – Mayweather vs. Maidana Live Coverage

Mayweather vs. Maidana live coverage

Is it really the moment? We’ll see. If it’s Mayweather’s moment, we’ll see boxing excellence and a wide difference in talent level between the two. If it’s Maidana’s moment, we’ll see one of the biggest upset in recent sports memory. It’s easy to see the first. Harder to see the latter. Then again, the Undertaker’s streak was broken last month. As Kevin Garnett once said, anything’s possible.

Follow our play by play.

I wasn’t able to see the undercard, but I’ll quote Duan who has been watching the entire way.

On J’Leon Love:

Love won the decision in a very good opener. Periban was one punch away from taking him out in the fifth round.

On Adrien Broner:

He’s getting hit way more than he should be. Molina has hit him more in 3 rounds than he did to Khan in 12. Broner stopped dicking around in the 4th and mostly swept the rest of the fight. I have my doubts about how hard he hits at 140.

On Amir Khan:

Won the first 4 and got a knockdown. Dominated the 12 and got 2 more knockdowns in the 10th. No real scares either. His best performance since he stopped Judah in 2011.

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Marcos Maidana live coverage


Maidana came out swinging and he’s throwing a Chuck Liddell over-hand right that is hitting not only the top of the head, but the back of the head. Mayweather didn’t look to be any worse for the wear. But Maidana will take the first round based on his activity. It’s exactly what he had to do, but you worry if he overextends himself.


A lot of the same from Maidana, but not as effective. Mayweather landed several lead right hands and ended the round with a blink and you missed it right that surprised Maidana. I’ll give the second slightly to Mayweather.


Maidana’s upsetting Mayweather’s tempo and he’s fighting well inside. He landed some nice uppercuts that Mayweather felt. Mayweather’s claiming dirty tactics and shook his elbow out. Mayweather stung him at the end of the round, but I’d still give it to Marcos.


Maidana’s rougher style is definitely in Mayweather’s head. Mayweather is complaining about low blows and holding. Maidana cut him, but it might be because of a clashing it of the heads. Still have to give the round to Maidana for upsetting Mayweather’s rhythm.


This was a close round. Maidana stayed active, but didn’t really land much. Hitting a lot of arms, shoulders, and back. Floyd is doing some nice work to the body, but he wasn’t as active as he could be. Looks like he’s waiting for Maidana to tire out. He also didn’t throw the right hand a lot. I’d lean slightly toward Mayweather, but that was anyone’s round.


Yet another really close round. Mayweather tried to steal the end of it. He landed the most impressive shots, but Maidana kept pushing him backward and was using his jab excellently. I’d lean Maidana slightly.


Mayweather looked to figure some things out that round. He had his best round of the fight so far. He backed Maidana up and didn’t allow Maidana to bully him at all. He’s using his left hook very well to get out of dodge. I have Maidana up 4-3.


This was a weird round. Maidana landed a low blow that the referee didn’t see. It was pretty blatant. Maidana has stopped throwing punches and is just looking to tie Mayweather up and move him. Mayweather landed a few shots, but wasn’t very active. Hard round to score. I’d give it to Mayweather and I now have it 4-4.


That was another strong Mayweather round. Based on how the early rounds were scored, he is either starting to go ahead, or he’s closing in on him. Mayweather started landing the right hand, which looked to wear down Maidana.


Maidana tried to get Mayweather to engage, but it was much more of a Mayweather pace. He’s loading up on the right hand. The referee is breaking them up quickly now when they clinch, which means a lot of the Mayweather squawking worked early on. I have it now 6-4 for Mayweather.


That was Maidana’s round, but not without the rough house tactics. He put his head down and took Mayweather down like this was the UFC and he nearly did it again, probably because he was getting tired.


It’s Mayweather’s round again as he landed more accurately and Maidana couldn’t land that one big shot. Lots of holding that round. I have it 7-5 Mayweather, but there were 3 or 4 rounds that were super close.

Winner: Floyd Mayweather

114-114, 117-111, 116-112 were the scores.

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