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The Raw Rerun – Daniel Bryan Needs Neck Surgery

Daniel Bryan needs neck surgery

Before Raw on Monday, SE Scoops posted that Daniel Bryan would be going through minimally invasive neck surgery.

Daniel Bryan needs neck surgery.

Bryan affirmed the report by telling the fans that he needed neck surgery. He came out and wasn’t completely out of character, but you could tell it was time to shoot a little bit. It was a weird promo for sure. He said that when he beat John Cena at SummerSlam and then subsequently lost to Randy Orton thereafter, he knew it was going to be an uphill battle. He’d need neck surgery that they stated would be on Thursday. But he said he’d return.

It seems at that point, they’ll figure out how long he’ll need to be out and what to do with his title. They used it as storyline fodder later in the show as Stephanie McMahon called him out. Instead, Kane’s music played and he dragged out Bryan who had to be taken away on a stretcher to an ambulance. Brie Bella mad-dogged a shocked Steph and told her to stay away. Steph was very upset. I find it weird that this is an actual serious situation and they use it to get heat on Steph.

Batista and Roman Reigns wrestle to a no-contest.

At the start of the show, the Shield said they wanted to hunt Evolution and get retribution. Evolution pulled into the building in a limo and the Shield went after them and left them laying.

Evolution came out later to accept the Shield’s challenge for a rematch at Payback. The Shield jumped them again and sent them packing. Batista was upset and called out Roman Reigns for a match. It was the main event of the show.

As expected, the match didn’t really get started and was a no contest. Stephanie sent the heels out to help out Evolution and they dumped Seth Rollins and Deam Ambrose to gang up on Roman. Triple H was going to hit him with a chair, but instead was speared. Rollins and Ambrose were back in the ring and together, the Shield cleared the ring.

So three times, the Shield were the ones left standing. Either they are going to all become the number one babyfaces of the company, or Evolution is winning at Payback.

Bray Wyatt challenges John Cena to a Last Man Standing match.

John Cena and the Usos beat the Wyatt Family in a fun match when Cena pinned Rowan. After the match, Bray said to follow the buzzards, but Cena was shaking his head as if he wasn’t playing their game anymore. What ever happened to the weird kid?

In a promo late in the show, Bray challenged Cena to a Last Man Standing match and Cena will answer the challenge Friday on Smackdown.

And the rest…

– RVD beat Jack Swagger when Adam Rose distracted Swagger with his dancing gimmick. Zeb Colter said Rose (a South American) was next on his deportation list.

– Alicia showed some heel chops by calling out Paige for being disliked within the locker room and then jumped her before the bell. Paige beat her with the Paige Turner and Alicia had a fit and stole JBL’s hat.

– Nikki Bella beat Natalya playing off something silly that happened on Total Divas. Natalya’s an awesome wrestler but such a bad actress.

– Sheamus first beat Curtis Axel and then immediately after, he beat Ryback. I was actually rooting for Ryback.

– Fandango lost to Dolph Ziggler, but told Layla he loved her. Lucky guy.

– Hacksaw Jim Duggan came out to promote Legends’ House. Lana and Rusev came out and Rusev snapped Duggan’s 2X4 over his thigh. Big E tried saving him, but was dumped too.

– Sandow is doing a gimmick where he’s pretending to shoot and that people are afraid of what he’s going to say. Well, people aren’t afraid to wrestle him. Cody Rhodes raked his eyes before hitting the Disaster Kick to beat him. He and Goldust were friends tonight.

Final thoughts

The show was solid because of the Shield vs. Evolution stuff, though Bryan being out did give it more of a somber feel. But outside of that, nothing else really happened.

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