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The Raw Rerun – Brie Or The Belt

WrestleMania 31 Raw live

Brie or the belt

Stephanie McMahon gave Daniel Bryan an option. He’ll decide on Payback.

Brie Or The Belt?

At the beginning of the show, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H came out to discuss the items of the day which were choices. It was Daniel Bryan’s choice to do the right thing and give up his title since he is injured and can’t work. We’ll get to what Triple H said and what happened after that in a bit.

This led to a segment at the top of the second hour in which Stephanie came out again to introduce Daniel Bryan to do the right thing. Bryan tried to give people the idea that he was going to give up the belt, but instead said he wouldn’t. Stephanie played a video from a few weeks ago of Brie pushing her and telling her, “Go away!” Stephanie said Brie shouldn’t have pushed her and at Payback, Daniel Bryan will have a choice. Hand the titles over or Brie is fired.

I wonder if this is Vince McMahon’s return, finally.

We have a contract signing.

Randy Orton and Batista beat Cody Rhodes and Goldust after an argument back stage. Triple H put a match together. Orton pinned Cody after two RKOs. Then it was decried an Elimination and NO DQ match. And Batista destroyed Goldust to pin him. I’m going to miss that big guy.

The main event segment was a contract signing for this weekend’s Payback main event between Evolution and The Shield. At the beginning of the show, Triple H said that Evolution had a choice to either sign the contract and perish, or walk away and live to fight another day.

Of course, we got the end of the show beat down. After all six men signed (the Shield was in the ring while Evolution was out of the ring), Evolution laid a beat down on them which probably means the Shield wins the match on Sunday.

John Cena cuts a great promo.

The Wyatts promised a message for the CeNation. The premise for this message was weird. The idea was that Jerry Lawler spreads John Cena’s garbage message to the audience via his microphone so he wanted him to come to the ring. He didn’t want to and Luke Harper and Rowan were about to bully him into the ring. JBL got upset and they took him out with a clothesline. Lawler was forced into the ring and and Cena came to save him. He was beat up while Bray held on to Lawler. Bray was about to give Lawler the Sister Abigail while John Cena had to watch and then the Usos came out for the save and they, along with Cena, cleaned house.

Then Cena cut one of the better promos of this feud so far. He used an Abraham Lincoln quote about power and said that the second Bray got some power, he abused it. To be fair, Bray’s a heel and that was going to happen anyway. And then he said that Payback’s a bitch. I loved his delivery and it was almost as if he’d now figured Wyatt out and he’s ready to kick his ass.

As a babyface, Cena called Wyatt’s out on his bullshit. What I didn’t like about how Bray reacted is that instead of showing being upset, he laughed. I’m not a huge fan of Bray Wyatt and part of that reason is that his character doesn’t give an inch. He reacts the same way all the time. Must be a pain for Cena to work with.

And the rest…

– During Stephanie and Triple H’s beginning of the show program, they also fired Brad Maddox for letting Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins come to the ring last week when they were banned. Stephanie admitted that she heard that the Shield bullied him into it, but still, she had no choice, but to fire him. Before she actually did, Triple H punched him (dick) and Kane came out to chokeslam him and tombstone him (dick). The crowd cared not even a bit.

– Bad News Barrett helped Cesaro beat RVD with a German Suplex bridge-pin. Then Sheamus came out and Brogue Kicked Cesaro.

– Eva Marie beat Summer Rae after Summer watched Fandango and Layla dance on the stage.

– El Torito beat Drew McIntyre. It was pretty sickening.

– Get this. Zack Ryder stood for America. Rusev killed him. And Big E saved him and waved the flag. Big E should now come out in a mask as Mr. America.

– Bo Dallas beat Sin Cara with the Bodog which is a tornado bulldog, not a bad MMA promotion. It was unBOlievable. Really, it wasn’t. I think he’s funny, but this isn’t really a main event character.

– Emma beat Alicia Fox, which is weird because Alicia’s the one facing Paige for the title at Payback. Alicia flipped out. It was entertaining.

– Adam Rose beat Damien Sandow dressed as Davy Crockett. Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger stole the Lemon guy but they got him back. No one cared and really, why should they?

– Sheamus pinned Alberto Del Rio. Paul Heyman came out and distracted Sheamus thanks to his client Brock Lesner breaking the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania and Cesaro neutralized him.

Final thoughts

I’m starting to think that Daniel Bryan’s rise to the title was really carrying the show. Without it these last few weeks, Raw has sucked.

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