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WWE Legends’ House Recap: Season 1 Episode 1

Legends' House recap
Via WWE.com

The long talked about season of Legends’ House that was shot in 2012 is finally upon us. Here’s our Legends’ House recap:

Alongside all the legends is a woman named Ashley (a former Pussycat Doll) who may be doing the Willa Ford role on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. Remember her?

By the way, they didn’t have enough Divas in 2012 to fit the role?

Quick profile of all the legends as they come through the door.

Tony Atlas: Doing the laughing gimmick still, but his arms are huge.

Hillbilly Jim: Looks like Sir Oliver Humperdink mixed with the Undertaker out of character.

Pat Patterson: I just hope we hear some Sinatra.

Jimmy Hart: The Mouth Of The South doesn’t look as old as he should look.

Howard Finkel: The Fink is large.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan: Seems like Hacksaw might have some issues. He already teased beef with Atlas.

Mean Gene Okerlund: He’s never not Mean Gene.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: It took a minute and he took over as star of the show.

Their first task given by Ashley was to deliver cakes to their neighbors, since they’re the new neighbors. The Fink and Patterson tried to deliver, but the neighbor’s weren’t home and the woman who I assume to be the nanny said no. Patterson said if he came by himself, she would’ve accepted it, but once they saw his face, they didn’t answer.

Piper and Duggan went into one house and one of the children ribbed Piper and gave him a biscuit to eat, except it was really a dog snack.

Patterson decided to cook dinner and he and Hart went to the grocery store. As he’s ordering ground beef and ground pork, he tells the poor clerk, “You like to play with meat, huh?”

Piper, Fink, Hillbilly Jim, and Jimmy Hart played the worst game of tennis of all time. The Fink is enormous and the guys were making fun of his running.

There’s a gong at the house and the person hitting the gong is Gary Busey. Atlas said it was the Dong Show. I think he meant gong. Busey wanted them to meditate.

Busey tried to help the guys with their anger as Hacksaw and Atlas got into it. Piper tried to get Busey to understand that when he finishes a role, the movie is over. Piper says they aren’t actors and the movie is not over. They forever play their characters.

Piper’s having issues with the guys drinking. He stopped with the drugs and alcohol in 2009, but being in the house with the wrestlers, he is having trouble as he feels like he’s pulled back into it.

Overall thoughts: This is quite the tough sell. I was hoping it’d be more like The Surreal Life in that there’s a silliness to it all, and it might still eventually be that. The show also needs a few women to balance out the house. I’m not sure the Roddy Piper demons story is the one that should’ve been told first.

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