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Video – Countdown To UFC 172: Jones Vs. Teixeira

countdown to ufc 172The UFC has put the full Countdown to the UFC 172 episode in three parts on YouTube. You can watch below:

Some thoughts about the episode:

– As a personality, Jon Jones is at a bit of a crossroads. He’s much like WWE’s own John Cena. He desperately wants to be liked and cheered, but there’s something about his persona that makes him unlikable. In Jones’ case, it’s a bit of arrogance. There’s also some of what Rashad Evans alluded to in that he doesn’t seem genuine. Jones should take a page out of Ronda Rousey’s book. Play whichever role works best for the fight, but stay consistent in how you do it. Rousey is fierce and passionate in the cage and her personality comes across that way outside of the cage. She can be sweet sometimes. And at others, not. But she’s always fierce and passionate. Jones is the best fighter in the world, yet he’s either arrogant, or seemingly trying to be something that he’s not (if we believe Evans). I don’t think passion and emotion can be disingenuous.

– As for Glover, there wasn’t really much of his story to sink your teeth into. He was away from the US for a long time, but outside of that, he’s just a humble guy who packs a helluva punch. I really wish there was more to his persona that people could get behind. Because there isn’t, I think most think Jones steam rolls him.

– I liked the stuff on Phil Davis and Rumble Johnson. It’s a fight between a great athlete and a familiar face with a great punch. I probably enjoy Davis more than most, but his personality is blossoming. If he is going to fulfill all the greatness predicted of him, he should win this fight. But Rumble talked a lot about his Bam Bam Flintstone-like strength (my words, not his) and it makes you think that he can definitely know Davis out if he’s not careful.

– They really need to stop covering a third fight unless they’re willing to give it more time, or if it’s important enough. Luke Rockhold vs. Tim Boetsch probably isn’t worthy of that time. Instead, you could use it to tell Glover’s story more. Their segment was a bit of nothing.

Overall, it was a decent episode, but if I were to base my interest solely on this special, I was far more interested in Davis vs. Rumble than anything else.

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