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The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 8 Recap

Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 8 Recap

This season is going fast. What happens on episode 8? Let’s find out. Here’s our The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 8 recap.

After the last fight, Lyoto has to get his foot looked at and also do therapy for three days. He’s confident he’s going to be okay for the next round.

Even though Chael’s team won the fight, Wanderlei’s team gets to pick the fight because they won the challenge. Wanderlei picks Montanha vs. Vitor. Montanha has a huge size advantage. They also train together.

Vinny Magalhães who is one of Chael’s coaches says Wanderlei has false morals because of an episode in season one where Vitor Belfort made friends fight and Wanderlei flipped his wig over it. Wanderlei says it was different because those guys were like brothers and Montanha and Vitor are not.

Chael brought in his buddy Yushin Okami to help out with training.

The challenge this week was that the teams had to make a bridge for the octagon girls to walk over. But each pair of guys on the team only had one board so they would have to create the bridge with one board each and then when the girl walked on it, immediately run to the front to increase the bridge. Of course, Team Wanderlei won. The winning team got spa treatments.

Chael brought his team food. Some of Team Silva thinks Wanderlei is taking things Chael said years ago too seriously. Or, maybe they just wanted to eat the food too.

Even though Montanha is a lot larger than Vitor, he only outweighed him 236-229. Both guys wore sunglasses for fun in their face-off after the weigh-ins.

Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 8 Recap

Antonio “Montanha” Branjao Vs. Vitor “Lex Luthor” Miranda

Montanha used his size to push Vitor back to the cage and used kicks and knees, but they weren’t really landing. Vitor tried to get the fight back into the center so he could use his standup. He dropped Montanha which may have been a slip and Montanha wanted him to come into his guard but he didn’t bite. Back on their feet, Vitor dropped him and followed up for the stoppage.

Winner: Vitor Miranda by way of 1st round TKO

He hit him with a great combination started with a body shot and then dropped him with a right hand.

Lots of crying after the fight from Montanha to Vitor to teammates. And I don’t mean bellyaching. I mean real big sobbing and crying.

Chael had his team do an Austin beer bash, except with energy drinks.

Next week is the coach’s challenge.

Final thoughts
Without the Chael vs. Wanderlei fireworks, it’s just like every other TUF show. That’s what this was. But these guys show a ton of emotion win and lose. That makes it seem a bit more important than what we see on the versions in the states.

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