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The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 7 Recap

Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 7 Recap

What’s left after the brawl to settle it all last week? I hope the show didn’t peak on episode 6. Here’s our Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 7 Recap:

Wanderlei had to see a doctor as he hurt his hand while hitting Chael in their brawl on the last episode. He said the doctor told him that he’s lucky he didn’t hit him flush because his punch is so strong, he would’ve knocked Chael out.

Job has to leave the show because of his dislocated finger. Even in losing, he could still be on the show if he could train, but since he can’t, he has to leave. He gave an impassioned speech to his team and there were tons of people crying, including Chael. If that doesn’t inspire them, I’m not sure what will.

Dana’s face is on a big TV and he chews out both Chael and Wanderlei’s asses. But first, he kicks out Dida and tells him he should be arrested for sucker punching Chael. Chael and Wanderlei agree to be good mentors for their fighters and also to show proper respect to the sport.

Dida apologizes to the team, but Wanderlei says he’d slap Chael again. Yo Wanderlei, you know there was a camera on you right, big guy?

Wanderlei makes the next fight and it’s Borrachinha vs. Lyoto.

Borrachinha just looks like a star. Wanderlei thinks the UFC will sign him because he has it all. I’m guessing that he thinks that if he doesn’t win the tournament. Lyoto thinks his karate will be the difference. Chael says that he would like to see him hold his hands up and his chin down, as the real Lyoto Machida sometimes keeps his hands down.

Shogun Rua replaces Dida on Wanderlei’s team as assistant coach.

Chael tells Lyoto that there are 6-billion people on earth and they haven’t found one who has beat him so far. That’s almost as good as Ronda Rousey’s mom telling her that no one has the right to beat her.

Paulo “Borrachinha” Costa Vs. Marcio “Lyoto” Junior

Lyoto’s elusive style didn’t phase Borrachinha one bit. He immediately grabbed him, pushed him back into the cage, and took him down. He went for his back, Lyoto got up, but Borrachinha had a triangle around his body with his legs. He worked for the choke from that position for a while, but never could really get it. Lyoto fought it hard. Borrachinha turned it into a guillotine at one point, but never had that either. Easy round for Borrachinha.

Lyoto kept his distance for the first minute, landing solid leg kicks. He took an overhand, predictable right hand from Borrachinha. And for some reason, clinched with him and was immediately shoved back toward the cage. He spent much of the round trying to keep Borrachinha from taking him down and even tossed him down once himself. Both guys were exhausted. Lyoto tried the same straight left right hook to the head combination three times in a row and missed the right hook by a mile every time. But he didn’t get taken down and won the round.

Both guys looked like they could barely stand up. Borrachinha looked drunk. Lyoto was scoring with single kicks and punches and knocked Borrachinha backward with one and he fell to his ass. Lyoto followed up, but ended up being taken down. The ref stood them back up because Borrachinha couldn’t do anything. Borrachinha went for a shot and missed badly and fell on his face. He put his hands behind his back and stayed on his back resting while Lyoto kept kicking his legs so the ref wouldn’t stand them back up. They were back up and it was Lyoto who got the takedown after Borrachinha couldn’t get it. I think Lyoto wins the fight.

Winner: Marcio “Lyoto” Junior by split decision

Wow, who gave Borrachinha that third round?

Borrachinha was dizzy and couldn’t see straight. Lyoto hurt his foot after Borrachinha checked one of his kicks. If he has any kind of fracture, he’s going to have to leave the competition.

They do a team challenge at the end in which four from each team are wrapped completely in saran wrap and have to lay on the ground. The first team that can get up using each other and the wall and can punch the punching dummy win the challenge and make the next fight.

All four of Wanderlei’s guys immediately get to standing position and hop to the dummy and win. Chael’s team didn’t even get one person up. Wanderlei’s team now gets to choose the next fight again.

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