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UFC 172 Post Fight Press Conference

UFC 172 Post Fight Press ConferenceI apologize for not having live coverage of UFC 172 tonight, but here are the important things that happened at the post fight press conference.

– Fight of the Night bonuses went to Ike Vallie-Flagg and Takanori Gomi.
– Performance of the Night bonuses went to Joseph Benavidez and Chris Beal.
– Dana White says Vitor Belfort has to clear up his Nevada issues before fighting again.
– Rockhold wants to shut Michael Bisping up. Wait, didn’t Tim Kennedy just do that? Rockhold also wants to avenge his loss to Belfort.
– Jim Miller vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov could be a possibility.
– Jon Jones will face Alexander Gustafsson next and then they’ll go from there based on Dan Henderson vs. Daniel Cormier.
– Jones says he wanted to tire Glover out Ali-style by letting him swing away. He was also very happy to be cheered by the Baltimore crowd.
– Jones congratulated Rumble Johnson for beating up Phil Davis who targeted Jones with trash talk this week.
– Rumble doesn’t want the Jones fight right away. Thinks he’s a long while away from it.
– Dana was asked about extended drug testing and said a newer test came back at $45,000 and that could put a dent into how often they test. He said they could see who wants the business to get the price down.
– He questions Phil Davis’ pre-fight ranking and desire to be the champion.

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