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The Raw Rerun – This Is War

this is war

This was very much a restart Raw as if the new WWE season started tonight. There’s many new characters and what looks like the next big angle in the Shield vs. Evolution

This is war.

As Daniel Bryan was celebrating with his fans to start the show, an angry Triple H came out to say that he was going to beat Bryan in the main event of the show to win the WWE World Heavyweight title back. This was his show and there’s nothing Bryan could do about it.

Randy Orton, who rightfully has to be upset that it’s not his match tonight since he’s the ex-champion and didn’t get pinned, and Batista were both wondering what was going on with Triple H putting himself right back in the middle of the title scene. Stephanie made them face the Usos for the tag straps in a match they were DQd in but left the Usos laying. And Triple H calmed them both down as if to get them to understand. Yep, it’s Evolution all over again. We just need Ric Flair.

Stephanie was backstage with Kane and the Shield, trying to get them to work together with the idea that Triple H leaves tonight with the belt. Seth Rollins asked Kane where his buddies were. Dean Amrose and Roman Reigns got their digs in. And Kane got very upset. Stephanie had to calm him down and tried to twist it as an injustice that Daniel Bryan is champion and that’s what the Shield is all about.

Before the match got going, Batista and Orton attacked Bryan and left him laying. Then Kane came out and did more damage. With Bryan out of it, Triple H came down in his tights and made Mike Chioda ring the bell if he wanted to keep his job. As he was about to cover Bryan, the Shield came out to ringside. Kane, Batista, and Orton jumped onto the apron as did the Shield and they did a stare-off. Triple H tried to tell everyone this wasn’t going to happen, but it didn’t work.

Shit was on. Roman Reigns speared Triple H. The other two dove out on Orton and Batista. Triple H was in the ring with the Shield surrounding him. He took his eye off Bryan who got up and hit the running knee on Triple H who was pulled out of the ring. Triple H then said, “This is war. You just started a war you cannot win.”

It was an awesome end to the show and we have a new feud.

Cesaro is a Paul Heyman guy.

Hulk Hogan talked about the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and said it was his favorite moment on WrestleMania XXX. He introduced Cesaro who came out with Zeb Colter. Hogan left. Colter took the microphone and started to talk about how he brought Cesaro to WWE and called him a Zeb Colter guy. Cesaro said instead, he was a Paul Heyman guy. Heyman came out and called Colter grandpa. Jack Swagger attacked Cesaro, broke the trophy, and then we went to commercial.

Back from commercial, there was an impromptu match that was started, won by Cesaro after Swagger left the ring and was counted out.

So is Cesaro a heel or babyface?

Paige is the new Divas champion.

This is War

Via WWE’s Instagram

AJ came out and talked about how she has been Divas champion for 295 days. She said she is the Divas division. The NXT Women’s champ, Paige came out to congratulate AJ, but that wasn’t good enough. AJ wanted a match.

AJ dominated early, but after trying to put the Black Widow on Paige, it was reversed and Paige did some sort of leg sweep and pinned AJ.

Other tidbits

– The Wyatt Family beat John Cena, Sheamus, and Big E after Bray pinned Big E.

– There were two Bo Dallas segments and two Adam Rose segments.

– Heyman put Brock Lesnar over huge for beating the Undertaker. Seemed like a bit of a waste for Brock to be there, but hopefully he’ll be around more this year. He needs to be champion soon.

– RVD is back and beat Damian Sandow.

– Bad News Barrett was over huge and beat Rey Mysterio with the Bull Hammer. I really wish he would’ve beat someone other than Rey.

– Alexander Rusev beat Zack Ryder after a sweet superkick and camel clutch. The dude is pretty light on his feet.

– The Ultimate Warrior cut a non-sensical promo. Would’ve been great to see him do a segment with someone, but alas, this is all we got.

If they run with the Evolution vs. Shield angle and possible a Bryan vs. Lesnar program, they might be able to keep the post-WrestleMania malaise away for a few months. The show was hot, though I wish some of the things they did were different. None of it makes a bit of a difference because they hit the important stuff right.

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