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Video – WWE Slam City: Auto-Tude Adjustment With John Cena

WWE Slam City

In what looks like an attempt to license and merchandise towards kids even more than they already do, WWE has teamed up with Mattel to create a new stop animation series called WWE Slam City.

The series follows WWE superstars who have been fired by The Finisher. I wonder if it’s Johnny Ace underneath a mask.

In the first episode, John Cena tries to get a job as a mechanic. Clay animated John Cena doesn’t really sound like real John Cena, but the material given to him is very similar to the corny material given to real John Cena.

In other episodes that are available today, Alberto Del Rio tries his hand at being a barista. Shouldn’t that have been Batista’s job? Batista the barista! Other episodes involve the Big Show and Santino Marella. There will be 26 overall at right around two minutes apiece.

Check out the first episode of WWE Slam City entitled Auto-Tude Adjustment With John Cena.

You can watch more episodes on the Cartoonium YouTube channel.

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