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The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 3 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 3 Recap

When we last left you, the fights to get into the house are done and Chael and Wanderlei were arguing over an apology and Wanderlei wanted to leave the show when Chael didn’t give it to him.

Here’s The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 3 recap:
Wanderlei decided not to leave the show and said he would fulfill his agreement and he’d make Chael pay later.

Wanderlei wins the coin toss and instead of picking first, he wants to choose first fight. Chael picks Lyoto first.

Here’s the list of the picks via Wikipedia:

The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 2 Recap

After the picks were made, Chael was talking a little bit of trash and Wanderlei pushed him. Chael says he won’t touch him again or else he’ll assume a fight has begun.

The assistants brought out all of the girls vying to become an octagon girl. So there’s two actual competitions going on here. The fighters will get to choose. They’re all mingling at a BBQ, which could be trouble. They had to give the girls a score between 1-10 to see out of the 16, who makes it to the elite 8.

Dana was shown on a TV screen in the gym welcoming everyone to the show before what looked like their first practice.

Chael’s training seemed more focused on wrestling while Wanderlei’s was all striking from what they showed.

Wanderlei chooses Wagnao from his team to fight Peregrino. Chael thinks it’s a bad choice, so he’s happy with Wanderlei’s decision.

Wagnao thinks Peregrino is a joker and thinks it could hurt him in their fight. Peregrino said he vomited a lot during training. Hortencia, the basketball player, said it’s because of adrenaline and he needs to chill out a bit.

Wagner Gomes (Wagnao) vs. Joilton Santos (Peregrino)

The first round was tough to score. Peregrino had the advantages when he pushed Wagnao up against the cage. But he tried a trip takedown and ended up on the bottom. He reversed position and was on top of Wagnao, but then stood up and tried raining punches down. Late in the round, Peregrino had him back up against the fence and landed a nice elbow. Close round, but I’d give it slightly to Peregrino.

At some point, Wagnao was split open from a punch. Wagnao had Peregrino on all fours and was landing punches to his face. Peregrino got a nice takedown, but Wagnao got up and immediately took him down. Wagnao owned him on the ground. He threw punches again while Peregrino was on all fours. He worked a rear naked choke and then for an arm triangle. He dominated the last couple of minutes. This should go to a third.

The third round was much like the second. Wagnao was able to hold him down on the ground and push him where he wanted to. Whenever Peregrino had the position, it was up against the cage and he wasn’t doing anything. He had a chance on the feet to close strong and he didn’t. Wagnao should win the fight.

Winner: Wagner Gomes (Wagnao)

In the preview for the rest of the season, they show another instance of Chael and Wanderlei squaring off. And it looks like someone on either of the two teams gets kicked off the show.

Thoughts: The fight was decent and the guy with less experience had the better game plan. I imagine there will be a Chael and Wanderlei square off on just about every show. Also, the way they tried to incorporate the octagon girls’ competition was awkward and didn’t really fit.

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