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The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 1 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Episode 1 Recap

This is a Fight Pass-only season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3. And I have to be honest, it does feel a little more exclusive and special, even though it doesn’t help them obtain the greatest viewership. But you know what else makes it feel special? We finally get to see some sort of payoff between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva at the end of the season. And yes! Subtitles!

This season is middleweights and heavyweights. For some reason, they’ve added female coaches to each team. On Sonnen’s team is basketball player Hortencia Marcari and on Silva’s team is volleyball player, Isabel Salgado.

They will also select a ring girl for Brazil.

It looks like we’re getting fights to get in the house.


In the first fight, Goncalo Salgado, former bodyguard for soccer player Cristiano Ronald faced Job Kleber. Salgado had a body like Samoa Joe, while Kleber looked like a basketball player. Salgado looked to be having his way with him standing while Kleber was trying for takedowns. Kleber took a knee, but then threw an awkward wide right hand and then threw a front kick right as Salgado was falling from the punch.

Paulo Costa faced Jose Roberto at middleweight. Costa has bleach blond hair while Roberto claims he’s undefeated. Costa took him down in the first and beat him up on the ground and submitted him via guillotine in the second.

Ewerton Rocha is a riot policeman from Rio. He faced Jollyson Francisco. The riot policeman looked like a monster but Francisco locked him in an arm triangle to submit him in the first.

Douglas Moura is married to a boxing champion. He’s fought Joilton Santos who has more than twice as many fights. This fight actually went three rounds and Santos won the decision.

Felipe Dantas quit his job to join the tournament. He faced Edgard Castaldelli. After what looked like a boring first round, Castaldelli took him down and pounded him into a bloody mess before it was stopped.

Cristiano Pontes has been trained, but never competed in martial arts. Wagner Silva is more of an athlete who picked up MMA after the fact. Silva got his back and put him in a rear naked to win.

Willian Steindorff has a purple mohawk. He faced Ricardo Abreu who trains with Wanderlei. Abreu had him in a nasty arm bar and he got out after what felt like a lifetime. It went into round two and Abreu took him down and finished him on the ground. Chael’s so going to try and pick him.

Guilherme Viana faced Antonio Carlos Jr. whose nickname is Show Face. Facially, he looks a little bit like a dark haired Urijah Faber. Carlos Jr. knocked him loopy with a right hand and before Viana could catch his balance, the referee stopped it.

Thoughts: There was very little Chael and Wanderlei since it was mostly about the guys trying to get into the house. Because of time, they introduced the fighters with interviews but it was very quickly. I could barely get the name down of the fighter before it was off. It was hard to figure out who Wanderlei was talking about because he was calling them by their not-established nicknames. Thus, the episode was hard to follow since you were also reading the subtitles. However, some of these fighters look impressive such as Paulo Costa, Wanderlei’s protege Abreu, and Carlos Jr. Those guys have a star quality look and are now in the house. Eight guys are in the house and next week, eight more guys will make it. Then, I imagine the fireworks will go off.