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Who Will Win Elimination Chamber?

win Elimination Chamber
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Seemingly the last WWE PPV before the arrival of the WWE Network, Elimination Chamber looks to be a pretty good show.

In addition to the actual main event featuring Randy Orton, Christian, John Cena, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro, you have the white hot Shield vs. Wyatt Family match finally happening and some nice undercard matches with younger talent like the Usos and Big E as well as Batista’s solo return.

But about that main event…

Several WrestleMania storylines should key off the match. Is John Cena still headed toward a war with Bray Wyatt? Does Randy Orton come out the champion and face Batista? Is Daniel Bryan facing Triple H, or will they swerve us? All of those things should be answered after the PPV.

So I asked some of the fellas on the website who they thought was going to win the Elimination Chamber and what they thought would happen in the match.

Who will win Elimination Chamber?

Big D: So I think Randy Orton wins… but not without some controversy. I have a feeling it won’t be as cool as it could be because in past years, you can tell two or three stories and set up two or three programs with the Chamber match, but not this year. So how about this one – Christian will obviously go out first and early. Cesaro will eliminate Sheamus and Sheamus will snap and beat down Cesaro’s ass with the story being that unlike Cena and Orton, Sheamus couldn’t handle the loss. As a result of Sheamus’ beatdown, Orton covers for the advantage and gets the 3. So we’re left with Orton, Cena, and Bryan, who can work a fun ass three way for a little while until Cena is eliminated due to a series of finishers and/or Wyatt interference. Or perhaps both. We’re left with Orton and Bryan where Orton wins, but Bryan’s foot was on the ropes, leading to him being thrown into the Batista/Orton main at Mania IF Bryan can beat HunTor earlier in the evening at WrestleMania XXX.

Cadillac Don: Whereas I would love to see Cesaro be the last one eliminated, that would be akin to Daniel Bryan versus Santino, with a tiny bit more legitimacy with Cesaro.

Seeing as this show is the lead-up to the WWE Network, they will be hard-pressed to give Bryan the win here. I can actually see the final three men being Sheamus, Cena, and Orton because fuck you WWE fans. Christian, Bryan, and Cesaro are all internet darlings and the biggest underdogs in this match. I would love to see Orton defeat Bryan to win via screw job, and I love Danny’s scenario, giving reason to put Bryan in the WrestleMania main event, but I would really be surprised if they did yet ANOTHER screw job finish between those two. The Wyatts will get involved somehow to eliminate Cena, and I can see either Christian, Sheamus, or Cesaro start a feud this late going into WrestleMania.

What I think will happen? Orton wins by pinning Cena due to Wyatt interference.
What I would like to see happen, that maybe might happen? Orton winning with Bryan getting his foot on the rope at the last second.
What I would like to see NOT happen? Bryan winning but with Orton’s foot on the rope at the last second.

GG: When I wrote about booking Daniel Bryan through WrestleMania XXX, my idea was that Randy Orton pins Bryan last, but not because of a screw job. Here’s what I wrote:

At Elimination Chamber, it comes down to John Cena, Bryan, and Randy Orton. Cena has Orton finished and in the AA. Bryan rushes Cena and hits him with the flying knee. Bryan pins Cena. Right as Bryan starts doing the Yes chants, Orton hits him with a RKO to keep the title.

The idea behind the finish would be to create more tension between Triple H and Bryan with H having some evidence that Bryan can’t win the big one and Bryan being forced to challenge Triple H to show him how good he really is.

But on the TV shows this weekend, they’ve teased that Bryan has injured his shoulder. This leads me to believe that Triple H can pull Bryan out of the match if he gets hurt, creating the tension there and also, Bryan doesn’t need to be pinned. This is what Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed and it’s very logical. And now that they discussed it, it might not happen.

I’d still love to see my first idea more, but I do think Randy Orton needs to win this match.

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