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Video – Cummins And Cormier Clash

Cummins and Cormier

Patrick Cummins understands what a shot in the UFC means for him and on Fox Sports Live, he took advantage of his TV time. He was live in studio while Dana White and Daniel Cormier were via satellite.

Cummins was glib (maybe a bit too much), quick witted, and didn’t shy away from the spotlight. It was fairly impressive. And it really looked like he got under Cormier’s skin for saying he made him cry when they wrestled years back. Cormier was trying his best to hype the fight in a smart way, but I’d say Cummins won the verbal round.

Can he win the actual fight? It’s hard to believe, but at the very least, he talks a good game.

This was better hype than anything I’ve seen between Cormier and his original opponent, Rashad Evans.

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