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Video – Countdown To UFC 170: Ronda Rousey Vs. Sara McMann

Countdown to UFC 170

With no Prime Time to hype fights anymore, it’s up to the countdown show to hype UFC 170. It’s a shame too because Ronda Rousey vs. Sara McMann is the best women’s MMA fight out there from a style standpoint. I know that people want to see Cyborg vs. Ronda more and I’ll give them that. But from a credentials standpoint, this is two Olympic champions (who haven’t been busted for steroids) facing off for the very first time.

And for the most part, I thought countdown was a slight letdown. The focus was on Rousey and that’s the right move since she’s the UFC’s current biggest star. But if you were looking to learn more about Sara McMann, who the UFC has done a poor job marketing already, you’re looking in the wrong place. They’ve done such a poor job, I decided to research McMann more myself, which I posted the results of over the weekend.

While they mentioned the Olympic credentials, it didn’t feel like they hit it very hard. After the great marketing job they did with Ronda’s last fight with Miesha, it looks like the UFC is hoping to use the remnants of that, as well as Rousey’s star power to carry this fight. I sure hope it works.

Here are the other pieces of the countdown, which I haven’t seen yet, but will watch before Saturday:

Cormier vs. Cummins

Rory MacDonald vs. Demeian Maia

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