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UFC 170 Play By Play: Rousey Vs. McMann

UFC 170 play by play

Photo via Sherdog

It’s a show that scarily lacks star power, but it does include one of the biggest stars on the roster in Ronda Rousey. But you lose Rashad Evans and replace him with no-name Pat Cummins, which is a cool story for the hardcore fans, but they were probably buying the show already. And they’re also more pessimistic when it comes to Rocky-type stories anyway.

It bothers me deeply that we still don’t know who Sara McMann is and that’s both her fault and the UFC’s. She didn’t want to do a lot of media and the UFC didn’t promote her all that well. The fact that there’s a decent chance she wins this and fans still won’t know her more than Jessica Eye or Alexis Davis who fight on the prelims is all bad. Because of that, it’s not good for the division if she beats Rousey right now. And as the highest credentialed athlete in the UFC, she has a good chance to do so.

UFC 170 play by play

On the main event of the prelims, Alexis Davis beat Jessica Eye via split decision.

1. Stephen Thompson vs. Robert Whittaker

Thompson used fantastic movement and striking style that didn’t allow Whittaker to time anything. Thompson used punches and kicks to set everything up. He knocked Whittaker loopy with a right hand and followed up with punches while Whittaker tried to get his bearings. It never happened.

Winner: Stephen Thompson by way of 1st round TKO

2. TJ Waldburger vs. Mike Pyle

Pyle’s round, but not much happened. Waldburger looked okay on the feet early on, but Pyle got a takedown and controlled much of the round.

Yet another, methodical, strategic round that goes to Pyle. Waldburger’s corner told him that he’s winning the standup and to keep it on the feet.

Pyle threw a great spinning back elbow and followed up with a knee. On the ground, he pounded him with elbows, transitioned to a guillotine and then pounded him from mount. Herb Dean stopped it a bit too late in my opinion as Waldburger looked out.

Winner: Mike Pyle by way of 3rd round TKO

3. Demian Maia vs. Rory MacDonald

This was all Demian. He took him down quickly and held him there, nailing him with elbows and just out-jiu-jitsuing him position-wise. He had MacDonald all tied up.

This was the exact opposite of the first round. MacDonald sprawled on every takedown attempt and made Maia pay. He knocked him around with punches, kicked him in the ribs, and punished him. Maia is either gassed or he’s hurt. Maybe both.

Maia got a takedown, but he didn’t have anything left. MacDonald punished him more and stuffed the rest of the takedowns. Maia got up slowly and MacDonald nearly took his head off with an uppercut. MacDonald should win 2-1.

Winner: Rory MacDonald by way of unanimous decision

4. Pat Cummins vs. Daniel Cormier

Cummins looked okay for about 25 seconds and then Cormier put a hurting on him. He hit him with short uppercuts and Cummins lost his bearings. He ran toward the other side of the cage which meant that he wanted out. Cummins tried to get up, but Cormer kept hitting him with punches on the side of the head and it was finally stopped.

Winner: Daniel Cormier by way of 1st round TKO

5. Sara McMann vs. Ronda Rousey

Welp, Herb Dean’s going to have some explaining to do yet again. McMann looked good in the standup, throwing nice short hard punches. Ronda didn’t want much to do with the standup, so she went to the clinch game and was stronger than McMann. Rousey started to land short elbows. She landed a knee to the liver, McMann went down and Herb Dean stopped it as McMann was starting to get up.

Winner: Ronda Rousey by way of 1st round TKO

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