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The Raw Rerun – Randy Orton Starts The Gauntlet

Randy Orton starts the gauntlet

As expected, there was no CM Punk on the show, though the crowd tried to start faint chants for Punk. John Cena wasn’t on the show either because of an eye injury sustained at a house show. So, we got another wrestling heavy show, but it was once again built around the same storyline that didn’t work in 2013 and is simply tired.

Randy Orton starts the gauntlet.

Once again, Randy Orton is unhappy being the chosen one by the Authority and by being placed in the Elimination Chamber, it was the Authority’s way of screwing with him. Randy needs to read the history books because the champion always has to defend at the Chamber.

Triple H and Stephanie didn’t want to hear him acting like a petulant child so they said that he’d have to face all of the challengers (Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Sheamus, Christian, and Antonio Cesar) in one-on-one matches on shows until the Chamber. Tonight, Orton had to face Bryan. Stephanie said that if Bryan won, they’d have to consider him as the face of the WWE. It wasn’t clear to me at the time, but it was non-title.

They had an extremely long match that built to a fun finish. Kane tried to interfere, but to no avail as Bryan won with the flying knee.

After the match, Kane chokeslammed Bryan and Orton held up his titles. One thing to be worried about if you’re WWE is that the Bryan chants weren’t as vociferous as they have been. I’m not sure if it’s because of the town they were in or if they waited too long to pull the trigger on Bryan, but it was noticeable to me.

Cody Rhodes does a moonsault off the top of the cage.

The WWE Tag Titles were defended in a steel cage for some reason or another. Cody Rhodes and Goldust got the shot. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Kurt Angle did a moonsault off the top of the steal cage as a 45-year old man, Cody Rhodes decided to kill his body with one. It led to the finish as Billy Gunn pinned Cody with the FameAsser.

Other tidbits

– The Shield beat Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and Big E after Dean Ambrose stole the pin from Roman Reigns. Reigns hit Big E with a Superman Punch (which really should be his finisher) to set up the spear, but Ambrose tagged in and hit the Headlock DDT. Reigns was upset and Ambrose was surprised he was angry. The Wyatts cut a promo on them to build their feud, and they did the same after the Wyatts won their match later in the show.

– Christian beat Jack Swagger and will face Randy Orton on Smackdown.

– Titus O’Neil beat Zack Ryder but no one seemed to care. It’s going to be a slow process to get this guy over.

– EMMA beat Summer Rae in a dance off by using some of the wackiest dancing ever. If she’s going to get over, they need to move her away from Santino immediately, who she was in the ring with.

– Sheamus beat Curtis Axel in a long match. I’m still not sold on Sheamus as a babyface.

– Batista came out and Alberto Del Rio interrupted him. Batista was trying to say that he had no issue with him (I guess outside of powerbombing him a couple weeks ago), but Del Rio wasn’t having it. He sucker punched Batista and got out of dodge when Batista was going to powerbomb him again.

I didn’t really have an issue with the show as it was an easy watch, but nothing really advanced and Bryan’s win came about six months late. But as always, you have to wait to see where they go next.

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