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Elimination Chamber Play By Play

Elimination Chamber play by play
Photo via WWE.com

On the eve of the launch of the WWE Network, the slightly lame duck Elimination Chamber should be pretty darn good. We’ll get some answers tonight.

Here’s our Elimination Chamber play by play:

A. Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

Larry the Axe was there with Ryback and Curtis Axel since the show is in Minneapolis.

Cody transitioned Axel into the Cross Rhodes to get the pin. It was a quick match, but was good for a pre-show match.

Winner: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

1. Jack Swagger vs. Big E

Match started hot with Big E doing power moves on Swagger, which was very impressive. Two overhead belly to belly and a spear into the ring post outside were the big moves. Swagger got the heat and got some offense is. Both of these guys are impressively strong. Swagger nearly messed up a spine buster.

Swagger went for his Big Van Vader splash spot, Big E caught him and tried the Big Ending, but Swagger held on. Swagger was on the apron and Big E speared him through the ropes and to the outside. That was insane.

Big E went to the top and Swagger caught him up there and did the Kurt Angle suplex spot off the top rope. Swagger locked in the ankle lock. They screwed up one spot before Swagger put him back in the ankle lock. Big E got up, hit an enziguri, and then the Big Ending for the pin. Nice start to the show.

Winner: Big E

2. New Age Outlaws vs. The Usos

This wasn’t all that good because of the Outlaws, but they both worked hard. The match seemed to be built around Road Dog being a step ahead of the Usos.

Best spot was Road Dog hip tossing Jey Uso into the turnbuckle. Looked brutal. At the finish, Jimmy superkicked Road Dog and was rolled up by Billy Gunn. Have to figure they get the belts tomorrow.

Winner: New Age Outlaws

3. Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil

Fans didn’t care, but they tried, so no matter what, it was going to be hard for them. Titus won with the Clash of the Titus.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

4. The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

A “this is awesome” chant started before the match even started.

Match started slow, but crowd got into it when Reigns and Bray were tagged in together. Rollins back flipped out of Luke Harper’s back suplex off the top rope attempt. He clotheslined him over the top and did the dive through the ropes on him and then sling shotted himself off the top rope into a flying knee.

Crazy finish. Harper did a dive through the ropes. Then Rollins did a flip over the top onto him. Inside the ring, Reigns and Rowan did a double clothesline, which was cool, except Swagger and Big E did it earlier. Bray and Ambrose went over the barricade.

Rowan and Harper slammed Rollins through the Spanish Annoucer’s table. With both Rollins and Ambrose out, they triple teamed Reigns. Wyatt went for the Sister Abigail, but Reigns powered threw it. Reigns with two Superman punches and then speared Harper, who took one for Bray. Bray hit a flying body splash and then the Sister Abigail for the win on Reigns. Great match. Logical finish to turn Reigns babyface eventually. Hope we see the story of where was Dean.

Winner: The Wyatt Family

5. AJ Lee vs. Cameron

This is a nice buffer so that Batista and Alberto Del Rio don’t have to follow the 6-man tag.

This was quite the mess as Cameron was all over the place. Outside the ring, Tamina accidentally booted AJ and Cameron rolled her in. She got just a two count as Tamina broke it up. Cameron then went outside after Tamina and was clotheslined for the DQ.

Winner: Cameron via DQ

6. Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio came out with a crutch and a knee brace. He was also wearing a scarf. He jumped Batista, but Batista got the upper hand at the bell. Batista was immediately booed and the crowd started to chant “Bootista”. Del Rio worked the arm bar for much of the match.

Crowd shit on the match every time Batista was on offense. Del Rio had some nice offense, but the match was a very predictable and the crowd knew it. Batista won with the Batista Bomb. It was very flat.

Winner: Batista

7. Elimination Chamber: John Cena vs. Christian vs. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Sheamus and Cesaro opened up and did some cool spots including a curb stomp on the outside. Bryan came in next and he’s wearing a shoulder bandage. Cesaro threw Bryan into his own pod, bad shoulder first.

Christian came in next and he immediately went for Bryan. He slammed the pod door on Bryan’s shoulder. Cesaro launched Christian onto the chain link fence. Christian jumped on him like he was going to hurricanrana him, but Cesaro launched him into the pod and then hit the uppercut on him for a near fall.

Cena was next. Christian jumped on him and Cena caught him and herked him up on his shoulders. He slammed his feet into Cesaro and then dumped him on Cesaro. He went to the top rope and Bryan drop kicked him.

Cena took Sheamus finisher for a two count. Christian DDTd Cesaro off the top for a two count. Cesaro launched Cena into his uppercut for a two count. Orton is in last and still, no eliminations.

All the challengers cornered Orton and he went back into the pod. Sheamus Brogue kicked the pod to break Orton out. Cesaro gave Orton the Giant Swing with 30 revolutions.

Orton hit a super plex from the middle rope on Sheamus and Christian jumped from the top of the pod to pin Sheamus. Bryan hit the flying knee on Christian for the pin. Orton, Bryan, Cena, and Cesaro are left.

Cena gave Cesaro the AA to the outside, brought him back in and made him tap to the STF. Wyatts came in and made it in the chamber when the lights came out. They triple teamed Cena and Bray gave him the Sister Abigail. Orton pinned him. Down to Bryan and Orton now. Kane came in to help Cena out and Bryan hit a knee off the top rope on him.

Bryan hit the flying knee on Orton and Kane interrupted the pin. Orton hit Bryan with the RKO for a great two count. Kane punched Bryan to set up another RKO and Orton won the match.

Winner: Randy Orton

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