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Video – UFC 169 Countdown

UFC 169 countdownI imagine that the UFC 169 Countdown was on FS1 or FS2, but I don’t imagine many people saw the special. And that’s a shame, because it was a good one.

The theme of the show was that two of Brazil’s greatest young fighters are powerhouses and you need to watch them. And wow, do they look explosive.

We know a lot about Jose Aldo now, but I still felt like I didn’t know enough about Renan Barrao’s story. I thought the countdown special did an excellent job showcasing him as a great, young fighter. In fact, they did a better job at getting him over than they did with Aldo.

By now, most know Urijah Faber’s story so this countdown show wasn’t to make him. It was to showcase Barrao. Ricardo Lamas says that he thinks his fights should do the talking, so it’s not a surprise that he comes off as someone who has no chance to beat Aldo. I’m sure he has a chance, but he didn’t come across as much more than your average contender.

As for the Frank Mir vs. Alistair Overeem portion, it should’ve been more about what we expect to be a guaranteed knockout kind of fight. But because both guys are coming off multiple losses, you had to tell that story as well and it suffered because of it.

You can watch all three portions below:

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