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Video – Jeff Cobb Vs. Oliver John

Jeff Cobb vs. Oliver John

In mid December, Premier held their most recent show in Gilroy, CA. I was there and it was fantastic, and I reported so at the time.

The main event featured Jeff Cobb defending his Premier Heavyweight Championship against Oliver John in a 30-minute classic. Since it happened, I’ve stated that it’s the best match I’ve seen in person since Shawm Michaels Vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26. And it’s true.

I’ve been to a handful of Raw, Smackdown, and house shows since then and Cobb vs. John stands out above all. Premier recently put it on YouTube so that you can watch it.

Watch it below:

(If you watch closely enough, you can see a pretty handsome guy holding a camera in the front row wearing a Chris Jericho “Sexy Beast” shirt.)

Premier will be back in late March with their next show and tickets go on sale February 3rd.

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