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UFC On Fox 10 Play By Play – Henderson Vs. Thomson

UFC on Fox 10 play by play

This is one of the weaker UFC on Fox cards the UFC and Fox has put on together. It’s void of a championship fight in the main event, but it does feature a familiar face in Benson Henderson. Also, one of Josh Thomson’s biggest wins was on Fox when he knocked out Nate Diaz. While it might not be the most must-see fight when it comes to the public, it should still be a damn good fight.

Here’s our UFC on Fox 10 play by play:

1. Jeremy Stephens vs. Darren Elkins

Elkins is trying to set up his shot with some standup, but he’s not getting the better of the standup. Stephens is landing nice counters and stuffing all the takedowns.

Second round was very much like the first. Still no take downs for Elkins and in the meantime, he’s taking solid shots to his face, which is all read and swelling up. Stephens has the first two rounds.

Stephens got his own takedown, but Elkins took his neck and tried to sink in a guillotine. Stephens slipped out of it. Elkins tried to stand in there and bang, but he was getting the worst of it. Stephens hit him with a right hand that I thought would’ve dropped him. Stephens got tired and sloppy near the end of the round and was put in a choke, but the round ended.

Winner: Jeremy Stephens by unanimous decision

The scores were 29-28, 30-27, and 30-27 for Stephens.

2. Adriano Martins vs. Donald Cerrone

Fight was mostly on the feet until a Cerrone take down late. Martins, a southpaw, was quick, but missed a lot of his strikes, while Cerrone was more accurate and less flashy. Late in the first, Cerrone threw a head kick that hit Martins right underneath the ear and he went out.

Winner: Donald Cerrone by 1st round TKO

3. Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Stipe Miocic

Miocic led with his jab, but had to take over the top right hand counters and front leg kick counters from Gonzaga. All looked like they hurt like hell. Gonzaga caught Miocic’s leg on a kick attempt and nearly put him down. Miocic threw a front leg kick and Gonzaga timed it with a big right hand. Miocic is throwing them lazily and without a lot of snap. Gonzaga got a late take down, but Miocic immediately got up. The round was super close, but I’ll give it to Gonzaga whose shots landed looked more damaging. He also looks more tired though.

Gonzaga may have gotten tired as Miocic just chopped him down with his boxing. Gonzaga would throw a huge leg kick or a big punch, but didn’t put any of his shots together. He also went for a few take down attempts, but didn’t get them.

Gonzaga opened up with round with a nice front leg kick, right hand combo. His hand speed, his footwork, and his ability to throw short, straight punches is really frustrating Gonzaga. Miocic faked a low leg kick, Gonzaga raised his leg to check it, and Miocic grabbed it and took him down. That was cool. Gonzaga was on his back while Miocic tried to land punches from a standing position. He went to the ground and nailed him with hammer fists. Gonzaga was trying to throw them from the bottom. I have Miocic winning the last two rounds.

Winner: Stiple Miocic by way of unanimous decision

The judges scored it 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

4. Josh Thomson vs. Benson Henderson

At their first clinch, Thomson grabbed him in a waist lock and fell backwards with him like a delayed back suplex. He immediately put him in a body triangle and tried to work for a rear naked choke. Henderson stood up with Thomson on his back and tried to lean on the cage. Thomson fell off and Benson had him in a clinch up against the cage. Henderson leg tripped him and Thomson went down. Back on their feet, Henderson put him in a standing arm triangle and fell backward, but Thomson got out. Thomson scooped up Henderson and dropped him on his head. Thomson takes round one.

Henderson was using hard body kicks, but Thomson grabbed a hold of him and took him down again and put the body triangle on him again. Henderson got up and Thomson let go again rather than ride him. Henderson pushed Thomson backwards and into the cage and unleashed kicks and punches, but Thomson fought off the cage excellently with kicks and punches of his own and moved Henderson back. This was a harder round to score, but I’d lean every so slightly to Henderson.

Henderson started round three with a Superman punch that landed and then took him down. Rogan mentioned that Thomson told his corner that his right hand is broken. Henderson is winning the fight in the clinch up against the cage. Henderson dropped Thomson with a body kick near the end of the round. This was easily Henderson’s round.

Thomson got a trip and put Henderson on his back. Henderson tried a triangle from the bottom. Back on their feet, Henderson caught him off-balanced and took him down. Thomson got him down again with the body triangle and Henderson got up. While on his back, Thomson tried to get the crowd going. Even though he got two take downs, I think it was still Henderson’s round.

Thomson couldn’t pull the trigger because of that hand. He ate body kicks up against the cage and couldn’t let his hands go. He caught Henderson’s leg and pushed him backward with Henderson’s leg at a near split up in the air. The fight started great, but ended on a whimper.

Winner: Benson Henderson by way of split decision

The scores were 48-47 (Thomson), 48-47 (Henderson), and 49-46 (Henderson).

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