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GIF & Video – Luis Collazo Knocks Out Victor Ortiz

Not to say that it was completely unexpected based on the way that Victor Ortiz’s boxing career has unraveled ever since Marcos Maidana beat him, but I was surprised at how quickly Luis Collazo dismantled him.

Earlier this week, Duan had this to say about Collazo.

Collazo tends to be a tough out for most. Mosley is the only person I can ever recall doing a number on him.

Not to say that Duan called it, but he mentioned how tough Collazo is and when it comes to toughness, how talented he is or not, it might be the thing that Ortiz is missing. Well, either that, or head movement. He’s never been touched softly and gone down, so maybe it is his style which is to swing for the fences and not play defense.

You can check out the GIF of the knockout below and then the video of the entire fight.

GIF by @zprophet_mma

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