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Wrestling Podcasts Rule – Introducing Talk Is Jericho

Talk is JerichoSince when did pro wrestling stars become the greatest orators? Well, since the beginning of pro wrestling right? The most memorable wrestlers are also the most memorable talkers. Who other than pro wrestlers stand in front of large crowds with just a microphone and their underpants and start gabbing?

The natural progression from hall of fame pro wrestler to podcast extraordinaire seemed to begin with Konnan who alongside Court Bauer and MSL started MLW Radio, which we reviewed earlier this year. K-Dawg makes sure to not blue ball the audience and they’ve even opened up a VIP service in case you wanted to hear more from the MLW crew. They’ve tag teamed with Jim Cornette whose Jim Cornette Experience has been great thus far. He’s expected to have Jim Ross on his podcast this week.

(Some may say Colt Cabana was the first to really make a go of it as a podcaster, but I don’t consider him a hall of fame wrestler.)

We also reviewed The Steve Austin Show, with the Texas Rattlesnake behind the microphone. Austin has really taken to hosting like a fish to water and his interview skills have continued to improve. He recently had WWE star Daniel Bryan on his show and did a newsletter writer series with Wade Keller and Dave Meltzer.

And now, enter Chris Jericho into the mix. Jericho’s new show is called Talk Is Jericho. And who is his first guest? Well, it’s none other than his podcasting buddy, Stone Cold Steve Austin. With his wrestling and music background, his awesome mic skills, and his acting/improv experience, Jericho seems to be a natural.

Which pro wrestler is next to join the podcasting field? I’d love to hear good old JR do one. And if we could keep the Christmas talk to only the month of December, I’d love to hear Mick Foley do one as well.

Who else would you like to hear?

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