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The Raw Rerun – The Unified Champion

unified champion

Raw is teetering on being unwatchable and no matter how boring it has been in the past, I’m not sure it has truly been unwatchable. I think there were some bad times in 2007 (Ed. note – Big D swears I’m thinking 2006 and he might be right), but I don’t think the show has ever reached the JBL as champion levels of Smackdown. For whatever reason, that is a time that I remember as being unwatchable. But they’re getting close. Save for a fun 6-man tag match between the Rhodes bros and Big Show against the Shield, and a decent main event segment, there was very little worth watching.

Very little.

Unified Champion

At the start of the show, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon tried to be definitive that at the end of TLC, there’d only be one champion (there was a wacky WWE App poll on what the title should be called and Unified Champion won). After a fall of screw jobs, I guess that’s the way to try and beg your audience to trust them. Well, unless they screw us again.

Randy Orton continues to play paranoid Randy and is now fake posturing a lot. While I think this character sucks for him, he’s playing it very well. John Cena definitely looks like he’s headed for winning the new belt, unless we get swerved and this was just a way for Triple H and Stephanie to heel on Cena leading into WrestleMania.

The show ended with a nice brawl between Cena and Orton, but nothing we haven’t before. They’re definitely trying to make this match special, but it’s too bad that the build didn’t start earlier. It’s very thrown together at the last minute.

Plain old silliness

Creatively, there must be a lot of writer’s block going on. Last week, Daniel Bryan was kidnapped by the Wyatt’s. This week, he faced Rowan in a match. What was the explanation? He was left in a ditch or something. So, did they sexually abuse him? Isn’t that what happens to kidnapped victims? So poor Bryan is kidnapped and instead of people being so happy that he wasn’t hurt, he’s put in a 3-1 match against the Wyatt’s at the PPV. Are they going to sexually molest him at the PPV? WWE must be run by assholes.

Earlier in the show, Kane (who can now make matches) made CM Punk vs. The Shield in a 3-1 at the PPV. Why? Because Punk challenged Kane to a fight and this was his way of being calm. Ridiculousness.

The Bellas and Natalya beat Tamina, Summer Rae, and AJ. AJ skipped around the ring the entire time and neither the Bellas or Natalya took one shot at her.

Sin Cara beat Alberto Del Rio. Really. But, it wasn’t Mistico. It was actually Hunico under the mask.

The Miz and Kofi teamed up after the Miz turned on him and then they had a match at the last PPV and last week’s Raw. Why? Forgiveness? They lost to Ryback and Curtis Axel and of course Miz slapped Kofi in the face after he was pinned. Was Kofi mad? Not really. He was more surprised. Why would he be surprised? Why wouldn’t he be ready to be hit again? Why is the feud going backward? Why? Why? Why?

There are other things I could nit pick at, but let’s just stop there. They’re setting up a PPV that no one could possibly care about.

Raw rating

This was probably my least favorite show in quite some time.

It gets:

1 JR


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