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Showtime Boxing – Adrien Broner Vs. Marcos Maidana Play By Play

Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana

All the talking is over. Let’s get it on.

Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana


Maiadana was all over Broner early on. Broner is a slower starter and Maidana is taking advantage of it. He out-landed him 26-6 according to Compubox.


Maidana put Broner down, nearly knocking him through the ropes as Broner was backpedaling. The pressure looks like it’s too much for Broner and he’s completely frustrated. They’re both being aggressive and the ref may have to step between them a few times tonight.


This was the closest round. The pace is much more toward Broner’s style. Maidana landed a nice right-handed combo to the body and then the face. Broner controlled him more.


Another close round, but I think I’d lean Maidana. He’s not really worried about Broner’s shots and is able to load up, especially to the body.


He may have to take a point soon. He’s already warned Broner about pushing Maidana. Maidana is putting his head down and going right to the body. Broner has the more crisp combos, but Maidana is landing the harder shots. I’ll score it 10-10.


I can see Broner taking this round. It was similar to the third where his controlled boxing worked better than Maidana just winging hooks to the body.


Maidana popped Broner while he was going backward again. This is definitely a mix of style and if you value cleaner and straight combinations, you may think Broner has taken over the fight. But Maidana is still hitting him with big shots. Because of those, I’ll take Maidana slightly.


Maidana put him down again with a right hand. Broner looks absolutely frustrated. They came back up and Broner tried to act like Maidana hit him with a head butt and he flopped and went to the floor. Pretty ridiculous. He needs to realize he’s in a fight. This ain’t no show. Maidana was docked a point for fake head butt. They should fine Broner for the acting job. Thus, Maidana only wins the round 10-9.


What a round for Maidana. Broner’s just trying to stay alive. That may have been the longest round of Broner’s life. However, he did come on late in the round. Maidana is pounding away at his midsection. He also landed a nasty left hook.


For the first half of the round, Maidana was banging on him again. He got tired and Broner closed the gap on the round and possibly won it.


This is a tough round to score. Both guys did damage. Broner’s taken tremendous punishment and he still sort of controlled this round. Both guys landed shots, so I’ll lean Broner.


What a round. Both guys went out strong. I’d give the round slightly to Broner. He had something extra in that round. He did get popped late, but I think he did enough.

I have Maidana winning 114-112.

Winner: Marcos Maidana

The scores were 115-110, 116-109, and 117-109.