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Scoring Hunt Vs. Bigfoot

scoring hunt vs. bigfoot
Via Fox Sports
I missed Friday night’s live viewing of UFC Fight Night from Brisbane, but sure did hear how great the main event was. Some have called it the greatest heavyweight fight in UFC history. It was officially scored a majority draw, but I wanted to look at it with my own eyes and score the Mark Hunt vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva fight.

Scoring Hunt vs. Bigfoot

Round One

This round was clearly Bigfoot’s as he knocked Hunt down with a right hand and was pretty strategic with his kicks. Hunt landed some leg kicks of his own. Silva switched from southpaw to conventional from time to time. From the conventional stance, he’d kick Hunt’s lead leg.

10-9 for Silva

Round Two

These guys are so huge that when their bodies crash together into the cage, it gives the appearance that the cage is moving. Hunt landed a nice body kick and a body shot, but the biggest and most meaningful shot of the round came from a Bigfoot leg kick that hurt Hunt so much that Hunt started fighting southpaw. It destroyed his lead leg and there were kicks earlier in the round that softened it up. At this point, it seems like Bigfoot could get a stop just from the kicks to the leg unless Hunt stays southpaw.

10-9 for Silva

Round Three

Hunt scored two early takedowns after changing stances a few times. Bigfoot went for a trip up against the cage and instead, Hunt nearly got him back down. Hunt caught him with an uppercut and straight right that both landed flush. Hunt landed a straight right on the button and Silva fell like Bald Bull from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Hunt was patient, but did follow-up. He landed punches and elbows and Silva tried blocking and covering up rather than maneuvering or firing back. It was close to a 10-8, but not quite.

10-9 for Hunt

Round Four

Hunt scored with another takedown and had Silva’s head pinned up against the cage. Bigfoot skillfully got back to his feet which led to some Rocky vs. Apollo moments. Hunt was hitting Bigfoot with punches and elbows. Bigfoot came back and pushed Hunt against the cage and was blasting him with right hands. Hunt was throwing wild left hands and landing. Hunt went for a trip, but Silva reversed it and was on top and throwing nasty punches, elbows, and double axe handles on Hunt’s bloody face. At the end of the round, Bigfoot collapsed on top of him as if he was out of breath.

10-9 for Silva

Round Five

Neither guy can really keep their hands up because of exhaustion. It looked nearly like round fifteen of Balboa vs. Creed 2 where they were so tired that they were nearly falling over just throwing punches. Bigfoot looked to be ready to go down after eating several overhand elbows from Hunt and the referee stopped the fight to have the doctor check the cut. Bigfoot pushed him up against the cage and was tattering him, but Hunt, with his back against the cage was winging left hands. Then he landed more elbows. By the end of the round, both guys were too tired to put anything behind their shots.

10-9 for Hunt

I had the fight scored 48-47 for Bigfoot Silva. Amazingly, I didn’t have a 10-8 round in the bunch and I’m usually someone who scores 10-8 rounds when I think they deserve them.

As we all know, the fight was scored a majority draw with the scores being 48-47 Hunt, 47-47, and 47-47. I think Silva fairly clearly won the first two rounds. I think Hunt clearly won the third, Silva the fourth, and Hunt the fifth. But it’s those last three rounds where the possibilities of 10-8s could happen.