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Georges St-Pierre Will Vacate His Welterweight Championship And Take A Leave Of Absense

georges st-pierre will vacate his welterweight championshipIn a press conference with Georges St-Pierre and Dana White earlier Friday, St-Pierre announced that he was going to take some necessary time off. He mentioned pressure as being the main reason. He said that physically, he feels 100%, but mentally, he feels the weight on his shoulders and mentioned his own obsession with his next fight as the big reason.

He is giving up his welterweight title and he said that one day when he feels like it, he might come back, but as the challenger. He says he’ll keep training, keep improving, and keep getting better but live more of a normal life. St-Pierre said he knew he was going to do it even before his latest title defense against Johny Hendricks.

He mentioned that he keeps his personal life personal, but did mention that his life was a zoo right now. That was as much as he said.

Dana White said Georges has a lot of personal issues to deal with. He said if you’re not 100%, you should sit out and said it was the right move for St-Pierre.

Dana announced that on March 15, in Dallas, Johny Hendricks will face Robbie Lawler to determine the new welterweight champion.