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Video – 24/7 Pacquaio vs. Rios: Episode 1

24/7 pacquiao vs. rios

This is how you rehabilitate a superstar.

HBO does a fantastic job rehabilitating Manny Pacquiao and making him the ultimate babyface. I’ve always been a Pacquiao fan, but never have I been a bigger Pacquiao fan than after watching this episode of 24/7.

He shakes off his loss to Juan Manuel Marquez and says that knockouts happen in boxing. Freddie Roach also comes off as a caring person, calling Manny his best friend.

As for Brandon Rios, he looks excited, maybe overly excited about making his mark. Now, I’m not sure this fight does huge numbers, but if enough people watch this series, business could pick up.

You can watch the video below.

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