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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey Vs. Team Tate – Episode 13 Recap

Jessica Rakoczy vs. Raquel Pennington

Jessica Rakoczy vs. Raquel Pennington is the last fight before the Ultimate Fighter finale.

Miesha says the stand-up is similar between Raquel and Jessica, but Raquel is better with the wrestling. Raquel hurt her hand in training which may change her strategy.

Jessica took a punch and it hurt her already injured shoulder, sort of like a pinched nerve.

Jessica has a four year old son who has never been away from her during camp. She worries that he’ll be upset when he sees her.

Jessica Rakoczy vs. Raquel Pennington

Pennington won round one mostly with wrestling, though Rakoczy did some damage late from her back. It was close to even standing, though Pennington used her kicks better, even hitting a nice front kick.

Rakoczy won the second round with her boxing. Her jabs were strong and her punches were much more crisp. Pennington went for a late takedown, but didn’t get it.

Rakoczy’s boxing was so good. She was unloading combinations and cut Pennington’s nose. She was not throwing back either. She tried to save face at the end with a take down, but too little too late.

Winner: Jessica Rakoczy by way of unanimous decision

All three judges gave her every round.

So it’s Chris Holdsworth vs. David Grant and Jessica Rakoczy vs. Julianna Pena. When Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate faced off, Miesha tried to give her some socks with middle finger on them and Ronda threw them in her face. She also told Miesha to get used to wiping her ass with the other hand. As in, I’m arm barring your good arm.

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