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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey Vs. Team Tate – Episode 12 Recap

Anthony Gutierrez missed weight

Tonight’s fight is Anthony Gutierrez vs. David Grant with the winner going to the finals.

Ronda Rousey and Manvel Gamburyan came over and made an Armenian BBQ. Anthony Gutierrez has no worries about not missing weight again and he’s eating heartily.

Ronda is frustrated at not having an emotional interest in the fight as Anthony and David are on the same team, so she chose not to corner anyone. She told each fighter to choose some of their teammates to corner them. Ronda also taught her arm bar and told them they could show anyone as it doesn’t matter since she’ll get it anyway.

The coach’s challenge is a race to the top of a rock climbing wall. Winning coach gets 10K and each member on her team gets $1500. Both women are flying up the wall at a pretty quick pace, but Ronda gets there first. She flips off Miesha and tells her off. Miesha calls her “so classy”. Ronda says at least she’s up front about it, meaning that in her eyes, Miesha is just like her but pretends she’s not.

Anthony thinks the house is jealous that he can eat what he wants and still make weight. Ronda tells him it’s not just about making the weight, but also how you use the weight. He thinks he’s getting way too much heat.

Anthony needed to cut nine pounds in four hours and David needed to cut four.

Grant weighed in at 135.5 and Gutierrez weighed in at 140. He has an hour to drop four and a half pounds. Ronda tells him even if he doesn’t make it in the one hour, to not quit. He gave up anyway. Anthony Gutierrez missed weight.

Manvel cut a promo on him and told him he doesn’t deserve to be in the UFC. Grant gets a bye into the finals.

Ronda told Dana that she would make weight on Tuesday. Dana told her it wasn’t his fault. Anthony doesn’t have the heart to be in the UFC.

Jessica Rakoczy faces Raquel Pennington next.

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