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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey Vs. Team Tate – Episode 11 Recap

Sarah Moras vs. Julianna PenaMiesha says Sarah Moras beat Julianna Pena the first time they fought by hyperextending her elbow in an arm bar.

Sarah thinks that Miesha and Bryan favor Julianna. She broke down in the steam room while cutting weight. Miesha joined her in the steam room to tell her the new plan which was to eliminate herself from the coaching.

The house has decided to back Sarah more so than Julianna. Julianna thinks that the guys might stay away from her because they think the guys might be into her.

Bryan Caraway says Julianna is crazy. She’s getting jealous of the time that Miesha spent with Sarah.

Ronda came into the house to shred shirts for the women, which is the style in which she wears her shirts casually.

Julianna thinks it’s like a Mean Girls house and people talk about her and cliques form. She says that she feels like she’s an animal in corner and says, “No one puts Baby in the corner.” Yes, she just compared herself to Baby from Dirty Dancing.

Miesha tells Julianna that she’s the hardest worker on the team. This show is really setting us up for a Julianna knockout, but let’s see how the fight goes.

Sarah says there’s pressure on her since people want to see her win.

Sarah Moras vs. Julianna Pena

Pena came out throwing hard straight punches. Moras had to quickly get out of distance. They both went to the ground and oddly, Pena stayed on the ground with her. Based on Moras’ arm bar, I would’ve expected Pena to want to stay on her feet. Pena landed some elbows on the ground. Moras was trying to set up the arm bar.

Moras sounds like she’s going to hyperventilate. She’s breathing loudly and quickly. Pena took her down and was throwing elbows from the top. She cut Moras with an elbow and Moras was dripping blood. She turned over and basically sunk right into Pena’s guillotine and immediately tapped.

Winner: Julianna Pena by way of 2nd round submission

Next week is Anthony Gutierrez vs. David Grant. Also, Miesha and Ronda face each other in a rock climbing coach’s challenge. They also tease something happening that hasn’t happened ever before.