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UFC 168 Poll – Who Wins The Main Event?

UFC 168 poll

The UFC wraps up their year with their biggest show of the year; UFC 168. It features a rematch of their most talked about fight all year – Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva.

To me, this fight is a toss up. On one hand, you have Weidman who proved that he could put Silva away when others couldn’t. But did he beat him because Silva was just fooling around? And is a focused Anderson Silva a dangerous Anderson Silva in 2013?

A Silva victory could set up a third fight sometime in 2014, while a decisive Weidman victory would create a new star for the UFC.

What do you think? Who wins this one? Vote in our UFC 168 poll on the right-hand side of this page.

2 comments on “UFC 168 Poll – Who Wins The Main Event?

  1. Tommynorcal says:

    Weidman shows up

  2. GG says:

    Thank you sir. Did you also vote in the poll on the right?

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