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The Raw Rerun – John Cena Vs Randy Orton Title For Title

John Cena vs Randy Orton

Raw in of itself was fine for what it was and better than their own PPV last night. I’m not sure if they know what they’re doing longterm but it didn’t take long for them to put John Cena right back in the spotlight.

Michael Strahan hosted which meant that he was in a few segments, one of which resulted in the Miz and Titus O’Neil no-selling hip tosses. No one better ever sell that move ever again. Strahan was good for the most part.

At TLC, it’s John Cena vs Randy Orton title for title

After last night’s pretty bland Survivor Series show, which Big D and I recapped for 100 minutes on FGB Radio, it looks like they’re going full steam ahead with John Cena vs Randy Orton title for title. What it shows me is that they have nothing else going on and it’s their own fault.

They’re in a weird spot with John Cena as no one can get any heat on him whatsoever like Big D described on FGB Radio last night. And as for Randy Orton, his only two foes were Daniel Bryan who they screwed, and the Big Show who we’re all tired of. Their best bet to me would’ve been to rematch Daniel Bryan and John Cena and have Orton face CM Punk. But instead, we get the two champions in a title for title match, which leads me to believe that it’s not a true unification match. More than likely, each guy will get his belt back in the TLC match, or maybe they’ll switch belts. It won’t matter because by the end of that match, my guess is that we’ll be right back where we started before the match.

WWE is desperately trying to get to Royal Rumble.

Orton and Cena faced off on separate teams in the main event. Orton had Alberto Del Rio on his team while Cena had Big Show. This match was plodding early on and then got weird. Show was concussed by a super kick by Del Rio when Show was on his knees. The referee noticed Show was concussed, but asked him if he was okay and let him fight. Show speared Randy Orton instinctively (though, shouldn’t that be Reigns’ move exclusively) and he tagged in Cena who finished off Del Rio like always.

After the match, Orton jumped Cena and stood over him at the end of the show.

Does Roman Reigns get CM Punk next?

Reigns was the guy who seemed to gain the most from Sunday’s show. He was the sole survivor in his Survivor Series match and pinned four out of the five from the other team. On this show, he was on the winning team as the Shield defeated Goldust, Cody Rhodes, and Rey Mysterio, though Dean Ambrose looked strongest. But after CM Punk and Daniel Bryan went to a no contest in a handicap match with the Wyatts, Roman Reigns speared Punk out of his boots after he went after the Wyatts who seemingly kidnapped Daniel Bryan.

Does that mean we see Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt and Punk vs. Reigns? Since Punk and Bryan are out of the top feuds, I see no problem with those programs starting, though, they don’t seem like long term programs to me.

Other interesting things that happened

Big E Langston and Mark Henry teamed up to make the scariest tag team ever. They beat Ryback and poor Curtis Axel. Like I predicted, the Total Divas and the True Divas had a return elimination match. Oh man. And the Slammys are in two weeks.

Raw rating

If you remember, I’m going to be giving out a Raw rating each week based on how good the show was. It will be out of five JR’s. Though better than the Survivor Series, this show was still quite boring.

It gets:

2 JRs!


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