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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey Vs. Team Tate – Episode 9 Recap

Peggy Morgan vs. Sarah Morras

(I guess this is episode 9 because of last week’s recap show, which we didn’t recap.)

Miesha brought Michael Wooten and Josh Hill hamburgers after their fight. She probably thought she had to step her game up after Ronda bought Father’s Day gifts.

Anthony Gutierrez got into the sport because of the Diaz brothers. Both he and Cody Bollinger had to cut about eight pounds weight. It looked like hell. Bryan Caraway idiotically said that weight cutting is the worst thing you can experience in your life. I’m sure cancer patients would say otherwise dude. Bollinger needed to cut five pounds in four hours and didn’t cut any weight in two hours. He wanted to quit. Miesha wouldn’t let him. He quit again, but Raquel and Roxie didn’t let him. And then he quit again. Anthony Gutierrez is like the Million Dollar Man in the WrestleMania IV tournament.

Dana is trying to figure out what to do to give Anthony a fight, but the commission wants to make sure it’s safe. Miesha apologized for Cody. Ronda thought she sold her fighter down the river. Dana gave Anthony a choice. He could face a replacement and cut weight again in a few days, or accept the free pass to the next round. He didn’t want to have to cut so much weight again, so he chose the free pass.

Sarah Morras talks a great game. She has no shade for her opponent Peggy Morgan, making fun of her pale skin and red hair. Morras and Morgan are the two tallest women in the house. Miesha said that’s partly why they paired them with each other.

Peggy wants to be the matador to Sarah’s bull. Morras wants to arm bar her.

Peggy Morgan vs. Sarah Morras

It was a pretty mundane fight. Morras set up for the arm bar the entire fight and got it.

Winner: Sarah Morras by 1st round submission

Dana asked Ronda who the best women were in the house. She said Raquel and Jessica were tied. Dana said Julianna looked great too. Miesha said Julianna.

Semifinal match-ups

Chris Holdsworth vs. Michael Wootten
Sarah Moras vs. Julianna Pena
David Grant vs. Anthony Gutierrez
Raquel Pennington vs. Jessica Rakoczy

Next week is Holdsworth vs. Wootten.

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