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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey Vs. Team Tate – Episode 7 Recap

Michael Wooten vs. Josh Hill

Dana White told Raquel Pennington that if she just lets her hands go, no one can beat her.

Ronda bought the dads a Father’s Day gift; even those who weren’t on her team.

Josh Hill used to be a model, but his uncle is former pro wrestler, Jerry Valiant aka John Hill. He was part of the Valiant brothers.

Team Tate was placing photos of a character who Miesha described as a perfect mis of Ronda and her striking coach Edmond, over every photo of Ronda in the gym. Dana White came to the gym to remove them for fear that World War 3 would break out.

Dana missed one in the sauna and Anthony found it and showed Edmond. Ronda thought the photos were racist because of the over-exaggerated eye brows. She called it passive aggressive BS, but gave her word that she wouldn’t retaliate.

Michael Wooten has to cut 15 pounds to make weight. He says it’s hell, but when he rehydrates, he feels good.

Dana doesn’t like Hill’s style of wrestling and pushing up against the fence. Seems like he should go train with Team Alpha Male or Ben Askren.

Michael Wooten vs. Josh Hill

The first round was Dana White’s worst nightmare. Hill held him and slammed him and then held him some more. Wooten couldn’t really do anything with him.

Wooten came back with a vengeance in the second round. He got him down with a nasty knee and then he out-wrestled the wrestler. He stuck his head in a guillotine attempt, but got out of it and had Hill’s back and attempted a rear naked. We’re going to round three.

Wooten straight up out-wrestled the wrestler and ended the third round on top of him and throwing punches. He’s going to win this fight.

Winner: Michael Wooten by unanimous decision

Ronda calls Miesha’s team, Team Fake Nice, and her team, Team Real Mean. And she said she’d rather be real.

The last two fights of the first round are Peggy Morgan vs. Sarah Moras and Anthony Gutierrez vs. Cody Bollinger. Next week is a recap show, which probably means they have one extra week than they were expecting.

In two weeks, we’ll get the final two fights of the first round.

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