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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey Vs. Team Tate – Episode 6 Recap

Jessamyn Duke vs. Raquel Pennington

The fight for this show is Jessamyn Duke vs. Raquel Pennington. Supposedly, Dana White bought tickets for both women to watch Floyd Mayweather take on Canelo Alvarez a few weeks ago because their fight was so good.

Juliana decided to makeover Sarah and Raquel. Raquel talked about coming out as a lesbian and having a girlfriend. Her mother didn’t approve and her relationship with her mother was strained because of it. She only wanted her support.

Juliana tried to get them to walk in heels and it wasn’t working.

Miesha says that Raquel won’t hurt Jessamyn with her striking and not to really worry about it. Miesha says Raquel is the strongest woman on the team. But she has issues getting her pace going.

The crew got to go to a Hooters outdoor party to play in the pool and watch some UFC fights outdoors. We almost got to see Miesha in a bikini and Raquel dumped her in the pool. Jessamyn stayed back at the house.

Anthony was drunk and messing around with the girls, especially Raquel who had cut weight all day. He’s the only thing we have as a heel right now, unless you don’t like Ronda or her boxing coach.

The girls paid him back by waking him up, jumping on his bed, and dumping his mattress.

Jessamyn was working on her boxing and she has a long reach. She doesn’t have great hand speed, so I think she’s going to get hit a lot. She’s very ripped though.

Jessamyn Duke vs. Raquel Pennington

Miesha was right about Raquel’s pace. She was slow out of the gate. Jessamyn’s striking looked better than I thought. She has long legs for kicks too. She caught Raquel in a front face lock. Raquel got out of it and immediately landed her best shot. She used a front push kick to stop a possible flurry by Raquel. Raquel started to land with counters late. Jessamyn’s throwing the jab but unable to land it. Jessamyn set the pace, but Raquel ended strongly and stole the round.

Jessamyn used the clinch in her favor and started to gain some steam. She also started to find the target with her right hand. She used her length better in the round so that Raquel had to come in closer to land shots. But Raquel was too tough with her striking. Her hand speed and accuracy was too much for her. Jessamyn came back late with a clinch and some heavy knees. Raquel push kicked her half way across the cage. I think Raquel took round two as well.

Looks like the judges had Jessamyn take round one and we’re getting a third. Based on the way the second round ended, this leans heavily in Raquel’s favor. It took her half the round to find her target, but Raquel started landing. Jessamyn landed a nice head kick. Jessamyn started to use her kicks more late in the fight as she started landing them. The last twenty seconds of this was tremendous. Jessamyn came in heavy trying to land a knee and she may have cut Raquel. Raquel landed nasty right hands. I’d give it to Raquel, but I thought she won the first two rounds.

Winner: Raquel Pennington by way of unanimous decision

Miesha picks Josh Hill to face Michael Wooten in the next fight.

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