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The Raw Rerun – Randy Orton Beats Up Daniel Bryan Again Before Battleground

randy orton beats up daniel bryan

There were some interesting segments on Raw last night, but I thought only one built to the PPV well this Sunday. And no, it wasn’t the main event.

Randy Orton beats up Daniel Bryan, again.

It was a running joke just a few weeks ago. How many times was Daniel Bryan going to be left laying? It was something like 9 shows in a row. After going to that well one too many times (word to Gorilla Monsoon), when they did it Monday, it didn’t have the same effect.

Playing off the real life Bryan and Brie Bella engagement, she was a focal point in the angle. For the last couple weeks, Orton has creepily hit on her. He considers Bryan and zero and he a hero and thus, she should want to jump his bones. But here, his focus was on saying they should get married quickly because he’s going to beat Bryan up so bad, he won’t be able to walk down the aisle.

At the end of show, they faced off and Bryan lost his cool when Orton brought up Brie. Orton destroyed him on the outside area, including a draping DDT and a RKO through the table.

We’re left with the idea that Bryan may lose if Brie is involved. I do wonder if that’s how Orton gets the belt back. It would be an easy out, but I’m not sure if Bryan can continue being on the bad end of a beating anymore.

There is the Big Show element to this match too. Backstage, Show finally got upset enough to look for Triple H who he wanted to knock out. Show grabbed Maddox by the neck and choked him against a wall telling him he needed to get Triple H. Waiting in the room, Triple H didn’t show up – security guards and Stephanie did instead. Stephanie shooed the security guards away with the same old Show is broke story and after she left, he punched a hole into a Triple H poster.

He faces the Shield on Friday, so if they did want to go with a Bryan win, Show could definitely be part of it.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. the Shield is set for Sunday.

This is the match I was talking about that is the only one that was built well. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were in the ring and brought Cody, Goldust, and Dusty down. Triple H wondered aloud why they were so angry. They are all about giving them opportunity. At Battleground, Cody and Goldust will get their jobs back if they can beat the Shield. If they can’t, Dusty will lose his job as trainer at NXT and Cody and Goldust will never wrestle again.

The only problem with this segment is that I don’t gather most of the fans know what trainer at NXT is. It wasn’t made important enough to put the heat on Cody and Goldust enough if they lose. We rarely see Dusty as it is.

Also, I believe the match is non-title, which should allow Cody and Goldust to win.

Paul Heyman is in love with Ryback.

CM Punk came out to start the show which led to him asking for Ryback and saying how he won’t stop until he gets to Heyman. Brad Maddox came out and said he would give him a match, but it won’t be Ryback until the PPV. Before Maddox could make the match, Big E made his return and then just lost to Punk via the GTS. At least he sold it well.

Later in the show, Curtis Axel faced R-Truth. And he lost. He lost because Punk’s music started playing, he looked for Punk, and then Truth hit his finisher on him for the pin. They’ll probably face each other in a title match shortly. In the back, Heyman told Axel that he was going to the ring to propose to Ryback since Ryback saved his life. Axel looked perplexed.

In the ring, Heyman got on one knee and asked Ryback to become a Paul Heyman guy. Before he could answer, Punk’s music played again. He came through the crowd, but when he hopped over the barricade, he looked to twist his ankle. I don’t think anyone was tricked, Heyman and Ryback included. But he worked the injury so long, Heyman walked toward the side of the ring that Punk crawled to. Punk reached under the ring and pulled out a kendo stick. He wacked Paul with it, then Ryback, and then Axel who ran down to ringside. Axel also got a GTS for his hard work.

And the rest…

  • Kofi Kingston beat Fandango, but before leaving, the Wyatt family came out. Maybe Bray and Kofi will face off at the PPV.
  • Los Matadores debuted with their mini-bull El Torito. Torito was great, but Los Matadores were a little bland inside the ring. They beat 3MB.
  • Brie beat Alicia Fox with the X Factor. Thankfully she doesn’t do the Bronco Buster or she may break her ass like X Pac. She faces AJ at the PPV.
  • Alberto Del Rio beat Zack Ryder in a decently competitive match. His match with RVD is now a hardcore match.
  • The Shield beat Dolph Ziggler, who faces Damien Sandow in the pre-show match on Sunday, and the Usos. Reigns pinned Ziggler.
  • Santino beat Antonio Cesaro. Injustice.

Because the 49ers play Sunday night, I’m going to pass on this show. However, even if they weren’t, I’m not too sure I’d be excited for Battleground. While Orton and Bryan should have a good match, the bloom is absolutely off the rose. I’m not interested in Del Rio vs. Van Dam or Ryback vs. Punk. The match I’m most interested in is the Shield vs. Cody and Goldust. I do hope they give them time.

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