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The Raw Rerun – Damien Sandow Cashes In

Damien Sandow cashes in

After Sunday night’s disappointing Hell In A Cell, Raw returned with another unfulfilling show. It wasn’t good or bad; just boring, which is not the way to create interest for the next PPV, which is Survivor Series.

Damien Sandow cashes in.

John Cena came out to a mix of cheers and boos which led to more boos than cheers when the segment was done. He basically tried to say that the naysayers like JBL pushed him to work harder and come back faster. Surprisingly, he didn’t thank the growth hormone.

Damien Sandow came out and said that he didn’t believe Cena was fully healthy. He teased cashing in his briefcase, then said he wouldn’t, and then attacked Cena with the briefcase, smashing him many times on his arm. He also threw him outside, into the post, into the dasher boards and all that. It didn’t look like Sandow was really attacking the triceps area; more so like the shoulder. But Cena sold it well.

Sandow then cashed in the briefcase and they had a good match. In no way did anyone expect Sandow to win no one was surprised. After being worked over nearly the entire match, Cena pulled out the Attitude Adjustment and pinned him. Poor Sandow.

Don’t trust anybody.

Shawn Michaels came out and asked Daniel Bryan to join him. Bryan was silent throughout and just looked angry. Michaels gave his reasons for super kicking Bryan. Triple H is his best friend, he was there for him whenever he needed, and when Bryan attacked Triple H, Michaels had to kick him. He also stuck up for Bryan and asked Bryan to accept his apology.

He also said that he taught Bryan his final lesson which was, “Don’t trust anybody.” Michaels asked Bryan to shake his hand and Bryan wouldn’t. Michaels got pissed and called him a little puke and called himself an A+. Bryan then put him in the Yes lock. Triple H did not come out to make the save.

It was a great segment if this leads to a Shawn Michaels vs. Daniel Bryan match at some point.

Later in the show, Bryan was jumped by the Wyatt family and sent to the hospital. CM Punk was also jumped by them later in the show so it looks like Punk and Bryan will be a tag team to face the Wyatts soon.

The Big Show spoils Randy Orton’s celebration.

Triple H and Stephanie came out to celebrate Randy Orton. I’ll spare you the details. But you should know that the Big Show crashed the party, he said he wasn’t scared of being arrested because he has friends to bail him out. This should lead to Vince McMahon being the one to get him on the show.

He came into the ring and was jumped by Orton, but he then punched him out. He dared Triple H to try him, but Triple H eventually didn’t try him. It did make Orton look weak and Triple H had to step up.

And the rest

  • Dean Ambrose was DQd against Big E Langston when the Shield attacked Langston. In the interview before, they teased Ambrose getting too big for the Shield. Because of the DQ, Brad Maddox made it a six-man and added the Usos. Shield still won.
  • Los Matadores beat 3MB again.
  • Brie was upset about Bryan, but had to wrestle with her sister against AJ Lee and Tamina. The Bellas lost.
  • Kane easily beat The Miz and then gave his mask to Stephanie and offered his services for her corporate team.
  • David Otunga said Big Show had a case against WWE, including Triple H and Stephanie losing possible control of the company.
  • Punk beat Ryback in a street fight. This is where he was then jumped.
  • Real Americans beat Goldust and Cody Rhodes in a non-title match.
  • Alberto Del Rio did an interview which makes you believe he’s facing Cena at the next PPV.
  • Natalya submitted Summer Rae.

My disinterest in this product since SummerSlam continues.

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