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The Raw Rerun – Cody And Goldust Win The Tag Team Titles

Cody And Goldust Win The Tag Team Titles

I didn’t really think too much of Raw, but I did like the way it built up to a satisfying ending.

Cody and Goldust win the tag team titles.

Before this match aired, I thought it was a great time to do the tag title switch. While you could wait for PPV, on PPV, it’s less important. It’s at best, a third or fourth from the top match and if the Rhodes family won the match, it would be awesome, but quickly forgotten on the show. On Raw, if they built it correctly, it could be the most memorable thing on the show. And thankfully, it was the main event.

The match was just okay early on and you could tell the crowd wanted more. They started chanting about the match being awesome about 30 seconds before it started to become awesome. And then it became awesome. It was a long match originally designed to be a “no-DQ” match, but it was set up well in that the “no-DQ” portion didn’t come to the end. Dean Ambrose interfered. Goldust came in with a chair and started swinging. The teams brawled outside the ring and out came a huge man through the crowd. It was the Big Show. The Big Show punched out Ambrose and Rollins and then Reigns who was in the ring with Cody. Cody then pinned him to win the titles.

Because of the great finish, it felt like a strong show, but if you go through the rest of it, it was more lukewarm.

John Cena is coming back. Didn’t you know?

There were two main matches pushed for the upcoming PPV. Of course, the first was John Cena’s return. And really, it wasn’t the match that was hyped. It was just him. There were three video packages/commercials surrounding him. In all three, he was shown as superman. He’s coming back from an injury that was supposed to take twice as long to come back for. This video package is the most interesting one as it was as if they knew exactly when he was coming back because he shot them in iPhone camera style, but basically projected that he would be back a week and a half ago. It’s also weird because he gives out the day before the month.

CM Punk will face Ryback and Paul Heyman in our second Hell In A Cell match at the PPV.

Notice how I haven’t mentioned the main event of Hell In A Cell. It was overshadowed big time by everything else. I’m personally bored of the Punk/Ryback/Curtis Axel stuff. However, I’m not bored of Punk vs. Heyman. And of course, they’ve found a way to add Heyman to the main event.

Heyman was upset and told Maddox that Punk is a cheater. He wanted to make the stips for the match. Instead, Maddox made Ryback vs. R-Truth and Punk vs. Axel (for the 500th time) in Beat The Clock matches. If Ryback won in a faster time than Punk, Heyman could pick the stips. Of course, if it was the other way around, Punk would be able to pick the stips. Punk beat Axel in about 12 seconds faster and thus, he was able to make their match a Hell In A Cell match with Heyman on Ryback’s team.

And the rest…

  • HBK came out to start the show, which led to Randy Orton coming out and missing a RKO, which teased a Sweet Chin Music that never happened. Kind of a nothing segment.
  • Miz jumped Orton for some reason which started a match between them. All of a sudden, the Wyatt’s came out, distracted Miz, and Orton pinned him. Too much happened, and none of it was very good.
  • Fandango beat Santino. What a nothing program.
  • Los Matadores beat 3MB again.
  • Triple H cut a promo saying that if the crowd is going to mock him for trying to do the right thing and being attacked by the Big Show, he’s going to give them a bad guy. The problem with this is that Triple H was never genuine in pretending to be for the people. It was way too easy to see through. Daniel Bryan came out, got attacked by Alberto Del Rio and the stage was set for the match.
  • Stephanie McMahon trolled Brie Bella backstage and set up a match between Tamina Snuka and her.
  • The Real Americans beat Tons of Funk and Antonio Cesaro did an aborted giant swing on Tensai.
  • Tamina beat Brie and AJ came in and put Brie in the Black Widow.
  • Bryan went to bitch at Steph and she one-upped him by saying he needs to check on his fiance.
  • Bryan lost by count out to Del Rio when Orton was shown on the tron sneaking into the trainer’s room to check on Brie. Bryan chased him in the back and was beat up again. This was not Daniel Bryan’s best night.
  • Steph and Triple H made out in a grotesque segment. For some reason, watching young 20s Steph make out wasn’t that bad. But mid-late 30s Steph? Dreadful.
  • What’s interesting about WWE right now is the best program going is the tag title program and it’s the easiest one to book. Everything else is disjointed, but Big Show and Triple H could be good. The problem is that we’ve seen them wrestle a million times before.

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