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Hell In A Cell Play By Play – Randy Orton Vs. Daniel Bryan

hell in a cell play by play

We previewed the show for the website yesterday.

There have been a couple of changes to the show just today. Curtis Axel is out of the pre-show match because of an injury. The new pre-show match is Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow. Also, Big E. Langston will face Dean Ambrose on the actual show instead.

Let’s get to the Hell In A Cell play by play:

1. Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow won the match with a full nelson slam. Kofi did some great stuff on the outside where he hurdled the ring steps and did a flip dive off of it. At least if Sandow has anything to do tonight’s World title match, he’s going to do so off a win.

Winner: Damien Sandow

2. Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. The Usos vs. The Shield

They did some very smart triple threat spots. The Shield had the advantage on Goldust for quite a while and before he went to tag Cody, Cody was knocked off the apron. The Usos called for him to tag them and as he went to, the Shield pulled them off the apron too.

Goldust hot-tagged Cody who ran wild. He went for the Disaster Kick on Seth Rollins and one of the Usos tagged in. He hit a high cross on Rollins for a two count and then a Samoan drop for another.

Cody superplexed Rollins not into the ring, but to the outside where everyone caught it. Cody went for the pin, but an Uso jumped off the top rope to break up the pin.

Great finishing sequence – Reigns speared an Uso and the other Uso went outside. Cody went for the Disaster Kick but Rollins caught him. He leapt over and Rollins walked into Goldust’s right hand which turned into Cody’s Cross Rhodes for the pin.

It was an excellent opener.

Winner: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Miz came out to do an interview and called out Bray Wyatt which meant that he was jumped by Luke Harper and Rowan. That brought out Kane who cleared the ring, including giving Miz a choke slam.

3. Fandango and Summer Rae vs. The Great Khali and Natalya

This when terrible whenever the guys were in and the girls. Summer Rae showed some personality, but not much wrestling. Natalya had to slow way down. Anytime Khali was in the ring, it was painful. He looks like he is walking on stilts. Summer Rae rolled up Natalya for the win.

Winner: Fandango and Summer Rae

4. Dean Ambrose vs. Big E Langston

This was a slow match that just never got going. Ambrose and Langston weren’t on the same page. Big E kicked out of a DDT that looked to be over. He then speared Ambrose who was on the apron. Langston dove through the ropes on the spear so they both were out of the ring. Langston got in but Ambrose didn’t. Langston wins by countout.

Winner: Big E Langston by countout

5. CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman

Heyman came out in a vehicle that raised him to the top of the cell and currently, the match is Punk vs. Ryback in the cell.

The fact that Heyman started on the top of the cage killed the heat. Nothing got over including kendo stick shots, Ryback suplexing Punk against the cage, and also dropping him balls first on the edge of a table. The crowd did get into it once Punk hit the Randy Savage elbow on Ryback through the table. He then hit the GTS for the pin.

Winner: CM Punk

Punk went to the top of the cage where Heyman was standing. Rather than try to go down the other side, he just stayed in the middle and Punk hit him with kendo stick shots and then the GTS on top of the cell, which looked scary, but seemed delicate.

6. Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans

The best early spot was Cesaro catapulting over Swagger’s head and into a curb stomp. He also did the Giant Swing on whichever Matador 28 times.

Los Matadores hit Swagger with a double team flatliner move for the pin after one of them was in the ankle lock. Crowd was dead throughout.

Winner: Los Matadores

7. Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

Match was slow early, but it definitely picked up near the end. And what happened is exactly what you thought.

Del Rio worked the arm bar near the end and pulled a sleeve off Cena’s elbow that he was wearing. Cena tried grabbing his hand to stop the arm bar and then rolled him up to put less pressure on it. He then did the Rampage powerbomb spot on Del Rio. Del Rio went for the arm bar again, but Cena ducked and hit the Attitude Adjustment. Winner, and new champion….

Winner: John Cena

8. AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella

This was pretty decent. Nikki and Tamina got involved near the end which caused Brie to accidentally hit Nikki with a running knee. AJ then put Brie in the Black Widow for the tap. AJ gets to that move very swiftly.

Winner: AJ Lee

9. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

Still early in the match, Bryan went for three topes and Orton got out of the way on the third one and Bryan rammed his face into the cell.

Bryan started nailing Orton with tons and tons of chair shots. He then threw 15 chairs into the ring, only to get nailed with chairs by Orton. Orton hit a gigantic superplex and Bryan’s legs and possibly lower back hit the chairs. Triple H came down to yell at Shawn for not counting three yet.

Triple H was bothering Shawn and Bryan hit Orton who rammed into Shawn and went down. Triple H got the referee to open the cell so he could look at Shawn. Bryan then hit the running knee on Orton but Shawn wasn’t there to count. Bryan went to Shawn and HHH pushed him away. He then hit HHH with the running knee. Shawn was upset and hit Bryan with a Sweet Chin Music. Orton covered him and Shawn had to count the three. Shawn looked a little bothered at how it happened, but no where near as conflicted as when he was the referee for Triple H vs. Undertaker.

Winner: Randy Orton

Two new champions tonight in John Cena and Randy Orton.

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