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HBO Boxing – Juan Manuel Marquez Vs. Timothy Bradley Play By Play

Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Timothy Bradley

Duan and I both predicted a Marquez win by decision, but we both expected Marquez’s style to bring Bradley out of his defensive style, even though Bradley says he’s going to move and not get caught up into a brawl.

Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Timothy Bradley

Michael Buffer wants us to get ready to rumble.


Mostly a jab-jab round, but Marquez started to throw and land uppercuts. Whoever wins this round is based on whether you think Bradley’s jab game means more than the few uppercuts Marquez was able to land. I’ll go with Marquez’s uppercuts.


Bradley ended the round excellently. Marquez hasn’t yet adjusted to his speed. He closed it with some wild combinations that landed. He’s hitting Marquez, but it’s not fazing him yet.


Marquez is landing his right hand. Bradley sees it coming, but can’t get out of the way. He turns his head and it just shows the judges how cleanly the shot lands. That’s Marquez’s round and I have it 2-1 Marquez.


That was a hard round to score. Marquez landed the power shots, but Bradley got led the dance. He’s using his jab effectively. I’ll score it very slightly for Marquez and have him up 3-1.


Bradley’s fighting a slick fight, but I truly think Marquez is landing the bigger shots. The round ended with both guys sticking their face out there and Bradley landed a shot, but fell backward at the bell after Marquez landed his. I can see Bradley winning some of these rounds on many cards, but I have Marquez winning the last three in very close fashion.


That may have been the hardest round to score. I’ll give it to Bradley because Marquez didn’t land the couple power shots he’d been landing. If this thing goes all the way, this decision will be quite interesting.


Yet another close tactical round. If Marquez doesn’t land big power shots, Bradley looks much better. I have the fight now 4-3 Marquez.


I fully expected Marquez to have the Bradley puzzle solved, but this was another Bradley round. Marquez looks to be slowing down just a tad too. I have the fight even.


Marquez landed some solid shots late in the round. It was pretty even until then. Marquez needs to land more power shots if he wants to take these late rounds.


Bradley landed some big shots that had Marquez reeling. He narrowly escaped Marquez’s counter over-hand right. Marquez landed a late body shot and their feet got tied up and Marquez fell, but it wasn’t a knockdown. I have the fight even after 10.


I know judges hate giving out draw rounds, but I didn’t see a clear winner of the round. I still have it even. Whoever takes the 12th, takes the fight for me.


I had the round very closely for Marquez until the last 10-second barrage and Bradley almost put Marquez down with a left hook. I have the fight 6-5-1 for Bradley. Let’s see what the judges say.

Winner: Timothy Bradley by split decision

The scores were 115-113 for Marquez, 115-113 for Bradley, and 116-112 for Bradley.

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