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Video – Wanderlei Silva Confronts Chael Sonnen At The Olympia Expo

Wanderlei Silva confronts Chael SonnenEarlier today, a grainy video of Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen going face to face made the rounds around the Internet. The video is so bad that it may have been taken by the first ever cell phone to shoot video.

However, if you noticed (or if you could tell), the fuzzy man with the bald head who looked a lot like Wanderlei Silva was followed by a posse. At least one of those posse members had a video camera so you knew there’d be a better copy of what happened.

Wanderlei’s YouTube channel produced a second video of him shooting a promo on Sonnen with a better shot video of the confrontation smack dab in the middle of his promo. You can see it below.

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