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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey Vs. Team Tate – Episode 4 Recap

Rousey vs. Tate episode 4

Let’s get the recap started for Rousey vs. Tate episode 4.

Ronda doesn’t think highly of Team Tate for picking Roxanne Modafferi vs. Jessica Rakoczy as Rakoczy had shoulder issues after her fight to get inside the house.

Dennis Hallman is helping out Team Tate and he doesn’t take lightly to Ronda’s striking coach giving Bryan Caraway the evil eye. Hallman called him out and wanted to fight him. He said he would fight him right there. Ronda stopped him because she didn’t want him to get kicked out of the house. But it didn’t stop her from getting in Hallman’s face and telling him to man up when the cameras are away.

Dana White blames Caraway for starting the entire thing. But he also said Caraway apologized. He had a chat with Ronda to get herself under control. She flipped of Miesha while walking to her car.

Jessica is the mother of house. She takes care of everyone and helps with the cleaning. Because of her shoulder issue, she can’t really throw her right hand in training.

Roxanne is played as a super naive socially awkward person who is loved in the house.

Jessica’s step father abused her, her mom, and her brother and eventually killed her mom. Her anger took her toward boxing.

Jessica Rakoczy vs. Roxanne Modafferi

Roxanne got her down fairly immediately and worked her top game for a while, but she didn’t really get anything going. Jessica secured top position and in trying to get up, was caught in an arm bar. She got out of it, but struggled to. Back on the feet, Jessica tried to get something going, but was taken down again. It was Roxanne’s round.

Round two was awesome. Jessica kept it on the feet and started really landing clean shots. Roxanne would go down and play possum and Jessica would bit and go right into her guard to land more shots. She got stuck, Roxanne tried to grab her arm again and Jessica power bombed her right on her head. Roxanne looked out, but because she’d played possum you didn’t know if she was out. I thought she was, but the ref let them fight. Jessica landed some big shots and Roxanne wasn’t really defending herself and it was over.

Winner: Jessica Rakoczy by way of 2nd round TKO

Roxanne was out a bit, but came to her senses and was very emotional. So was Shayna Baszler who called her a pioneer.

Ronda made Davie Grant vs. Louis Fissette for the next fight.

Overall thoughts: This was definitely the best episode so far. While the first 35-40 minutes or so was just a normal show save Ronda getting upset and getting in Hallman’s face, the last 20 minutes were pure emotion. The women should’ve had their own season. There’s no need for the guys this year.

The moment when Shayna and Roxanne hugged as old time women’s MMA vets was one of the best moments in the history of the show. If Shayna doesn’t get a fight out of this, Dana has no heart.

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