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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey Vs. Team Tate – Episode 2 Recap

Rousey vs. Tate episode 2

It’s Rousey vs. Tate episode 2.

Chris Holdsworth is the first one to start getting flirty and thinking about the idea of hooking up with one of the female fighters.

Tim Gorman said he wouldn’t go 100% with any of the females in practice and a few of the females took offense to it. He also said they wouldn’t tap him in practice.

Julianna Pena said the first Strikeforce show she went to featured Shayna Baszler on the card. She even took pictures with her.

Gorman tore his hamstring and he had to go to see a doctor.

Ronda barged into the gym to kick out Team Tate. She said she’s doing it as a superior thing so that Miesha’s team moves for her and her team will never have to move for Miesha’s team.

Anthony Gutierrez looks to be a bit of the playboy of the house, or at least he wants to be the playboy of the house. He’s semi-obnoxious and seems to irritate a lot of the women.

Julianna is nervous and her teammates are worried. Miesha thinks Shayna has to submit Julianna to beat her.

Gorman’s injury is a 4-6 month rehab and they won’t let him fight. He has to go home. Dana is bringing back Louis Fisette who was very cocky, but fought and lost to Chris Holdsworth who was one of the better guys.

At the weigh-in, Shayna put a queen of spades in her tank top. That’s Shayna’s nickname.

Shayna Baszler vs. Julianna Pena

Holy crap. Pena came out throwing hard straight punches while Baszler was calm. Baszler ended up on top, but Pena got back on her feet, only to immediately get taken down again. Baszler was in side control and worked for the back. She ended up in Pena’s guard. Pena was back up and pushed Baszler up against the cage. Pena tried a takedown of her own, but Baszler ended up back on top and in side control. She tried to fall to her back with a guillotine choke, but Pena ended up on top. Pena started raining down punches, but Baszler got her down again. It was a really good round. Baszler controlled it, but Pena landed all the hard shots.

The second round started similarly, but Baszler was getting tired and Pena was able to land more shots and keep it standing. Baszler was taking hard punches to the face. Baszler pushed her up against the cage, but Pena switched spots with her and started throwing knees to the head. Pena took her down for some reason. Baszler’s nose was bleeding. Baszler gave up her back. Pena had a choke with one arm, but Baszler pretty much let her get it in and Baszler tapped out.

Winner: Julianna Pena by way of 2nd round submission

Ronda said that she wishes she could take all of Shayna’s pain for herself. Team Tate has control.

Shayna was upset that she wasted her opportunity and Ronda told her that there were some winners who didn’t end up with much, but others who did better who lost in their season.

Ronda said Miesha was going to pay for every smile.

Chris Holdsworth vs. Chris Beal is the next fight. Beal has a hurt hand, which is the reason Team Tate picked him.

Final thoughts: Ronda may be too intense for this show. She’s not going to react to the losing well. While Pena beat Baszler and definitely earned the victory, it looks like Baszler kind of froze in there. But the fight was awesome. We didn’t see any of the male/female dynamics yet, but they teased it. That will be interesting as well.

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