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The Raw Rerun – Daniel Bryan Is Stripped Of His WWE Championship

Daniel Bryan is stripped

I did not watch the Night Of Champions PPV. I instead sat through the horrific football game in which my San Francisco 49ers were dropped on their collective heads by the Seattle Seahawks. But I still think it was the right call. Night Of Champions had a sniff of unimportance and if there was a passable show, it was going to be this one. And based on the feedback, it doesn’t sound like my perception was incorrect.

Tonight’s show was really good in getting the main storyline over, but it does feel a little bit like the storyline is standing still, or maybe advancing at a snail’s like pace. That’s either going to be a really good thing, or they’re going to miss the boat. We’ll have to see.

Daniel Bryan is stripped of his WWE Championship

Right at the top of the show, Triple H stripped Daniel Bryan of his WWE Championship because of a fast-count by referee Scott Armstrong. The way it was painted early on was that Armstrong and Triple H set up the situation as a fool proof plan to keep the belt off Bryan. Armstrong was called out and he whispered to Bryan in front of HHH, “They got us Daniel.” HHH was trying to paint Bryan as the cheater.

Triple H pulled the title from Bryan and Orton hit him with a RKO.

Oddly, later in the show, Triple H had to fire Armstrong to throw a swerve into the process.

Randy Orton destroys the Miz.

Miz's dadNot only did he destroy him. He did it in front of his parents.

Papa and Mama Miz were front row. Miz hugged them right before being blind sided by Orton. Orton worked over Miz something fierce. He gave him the DDT from the dasher boards right in front of his parents. Miz’s mom was a pro, crying like her son was getting manhandled. Pops Miz couldn’t have cared less. He sat there stone faced.

Orton head stomped Miz with a chair around his neck. They treated it pretty seriously.

This came from Stephanie and HHH berating Orton earlier in the show for not being vicious enough to be the face of WWE. There was vicious.

Dusty gets laid out by the Big Show.

Dusty Rhodes was out to talk about Cody, specifically and did it as Virgil Runnels. He had great delivery, but he did lose himself a couple of times. Still, he’s a master craftsman when it comes to promos. Stephanie McMahon came out and gave him the option. He could either save Cody’s job. Or he could give Dustin Rhodes, his other son, a job. She chided him for not giving Dustin the same life he gave Cody.

The Shield were out and she called out The Big Show as well. She gave Dusty another choice which was to get beat down by the Shield or to get punched by Show. Stephanie told Show to knock him out. Show cried again and before hitting Dusty, he said he was sorry. He punched him and didn’t allow him to fall. He caught him and hugged him. Dusty went away on an ambulance and Show went with him, very sorrowfully.

This was Stephanie’s best work since being back. She was a total ass. Dusty was great. And for once, I wasn’t bothered with Show’s crying.

Daniel Bryan and babyfaces reign supreme.

Bryan wrestled Roman Reigns to end the show. It was a good match, like always with Bryan Raw main events. They had a lot of time and Reigns held up his end of the bargain.

Orton interfered for the DQ and Bryan started to get the better of everyone until the gang beat down occurred. Instead of Bryan being left by his lonesome, the nWo B team, I mean several babyfaces came out of the locker room to help him. The Prime Time Players, Usos, RVD, and Dolph Ziggler were in there for sure. They put Bryan on their shoulders and everyone did “Yes!” chants to end the show.

It was a smart ending, but next Monday, some folks might be in trouble.

And the rest…

  • Ziggler beat Dean Ambrose to set up another title match between the two I’m guessing.
  • Fandango beat R-Truth.
  • Cameron, Naomi, and Brie Bella beat Alicia Fox, Aksana, and Layla El while AJ and Natalya talked trash at each other on commentary.
  • RVD beat the worst Money In The Bank winner ever, Damien Sandow.
  • Paul Heyman came out and called himself “Best In The World” after his win over CM Punk and he thanked Ryback (who was out with him) with a kiss on the cheek. No Curtis Axel and no CM Punk tonight.
  • The Usos beat Tons of Funk and the Real Americans in a triple threat to become the number one contenders to the tag straps.
  • The Wyatt family did another video package and referenced his dead sister, Abigail.

It was a strong show and it didn’t feel boring at all. You were all caught up on everything that happened at Night Of Champions and I don’t feel like I missed anything.