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The Raw Rerun – Daniel Bryan’s Makeover

Daniel Bryan's makeover

SummerSlam is just two weeks away and WWE kicked the build into a new gear with the return of Brock Lesnar and a six-man tag team between their three biggest babyfaces and the Shield.

Daniel Bryan’s makeover is complete.

As was teased last week, the show opened with Stephanie McMahon’s makeover of Daniel Bryan. She’s one to talk. She needs a huge makeover herself. There was a goofy video of him getting a pedicure and eating steak. His hair wasn’t cut, nor was his beard. He came out with his hair clicked back and in a suit.

He came out and cut a promo on John Cena basically saying that he wrestles because he loves it. He called himself a wrestling and John Cena an entertainer.

Vince McMahon came out and heeled on Bryan big time. Vince made fun of his looks, his size, and called him a smaller Mick Foley. He wanted Bryan to cut his beard and brought Wade “The Barber” Barrett out. Bryan headbutted Barrett before Barrett was able to start shaving and shaved the side of Barrett’s own beard. He then ripped off his suit and showed a shirt underneath that said, “The beard is here!”

Bryan’s initial promo on Cena was really good. And Vince’s and Bryan’s chemistry is good. But it was way too long and forced.

I remember the original Stone Cold corporate makeover segment being much better.

Brock Lesnar is a beast and the best.

CM Punk was set to face Curtis Axel, but really wanted a piece of Paul Heyman. Punk was going after Heyman which brought out Brock Lesnar. Lesnar went after Punk, but Punk was able to fend him off, running him into the post. Soon enough, Lesnar belly to belly suplexed him over his head on the outside and shit was on. Brock hit him with chairs inside the ring to end a great segment.

Brock and Heyman cut promos in the back with Brock telling Paul to say something stupid, which was funny. We’re going to get Punk vs. Heyman next week.

Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and John Cena vs. The Shield ends the show.

Earlier in the show, Cena cut a promo, responding to Bryan’s claims that he’s a wrestler and Cena’s just an entertainer. It was actually quite good. If Cena’s going to get booed anyway, going heel a little bit is fine. It’s odd that he actually went heel by telling near truths about Bryan’s background as an indy guy, but that’s what happened. The Shield came out and Orton and Bryan settled the score.

The match wasn’t very long, though was hot for the time. The Shield was DQd after they triple teamed Bryan. At some point, Orton hit the RKO on Bryan and faced off against Cena. Cena mouthed at him, “Make a move,” which I thought was cool. The Shield came back and Cena and Orton took them out before Orton hit Cena with the RKO and then teased cashing in his Money In The Bank contract. The Shield interfered again and Orton left while they were beating up Cena and Bryan. It was a fun way to end the show, though it did feel a little bit like they were standing still instead of moving the needle toward SummerSlam. They still have one more week.

And the rest…

  • RVD beat Alberto Del Rio. Maybe they’ll put him with Del Rio and Christian at SummerSlam and make it a three-way. After the match, Del Rio killed Ricardo. Does that mean he’s done? Didn’t he just come back after suspension?
  • Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow tried to scuffle over the briefcase and contract. The crowd was silent throughout. Cody needs a makeover…again.
  • For some reason, Mark Henry and Ryback were in the ring together for a match and Ryback just walked out. What a waste of Henry.
  • The Wyatts squashed Tons Of Funk. Just squashed them.
  • Kaitlyn faced Layla. AJ came out and AJ and Layla (newly turned) heeled on Kaitlyn.
  • Christian beat Heath Slater.
  • Kofi Kingston beat the cold as ice Fandango.
  • Steph was crying to Triple H because her dad snapped at her for the makeover segment. At least she tried to cry. Triple H then snapped at her and said Vince wasn’t going to ruin SummerSlam. She didn’t cry when Triple H snapped at her.
  • Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger beat The Usos.
  • Big E beat Dolph in a fun match after Kaitlyn came in and distracted Dolph. Kaitlyn went after AJ, Dolph went to separate them and Big E clotheslined him out of his shoes. Big E hit the Big E to pin Dolph.

The show had some good segments but didn’t really flow like some of the recent good Raws have. They still need to make a bunch of matches and only have one week left.

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